10 Cutest Teddy Bear Breeds

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Some cute and cuddly dog breeds that will remind you of little teddy bears include the Maltese, Poodle and Pomeranian. These puppies have long fur that can be cut in a "teddy bear" style, and the whole body is fluffy. They are pugs and tend to be clingy and affectionate.

In this article, we'll discuss 10 cute, cuddly, and affectionate teddy bear dog breeds! We will also discuss how to raise them and their temperament.

1. Poodle

red royal poodle
Poodles have long, curly fur that continues to grow throughout their lives.

©Diana Kellior/Shutterstock.com

Many people think of the standard poodle, with its full body of hair. But did you know that poodles can also be cut in a teddy bear breed style, with an even and fluffy coat?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes the Poodle in two sizes. Miniature poodles are 10-15 inches tall and weigh 10-15 pounds, while standard poodles are over 15 inches tall and weigh 40-70 pounds.

Their coats are long and curly, and continue to grow throughout their lives. However, because their fur grows more like human hair, they shed very little. You should expect to take your dog to the groomer every 4-6 weeks, or learn how to groom them at home, which is a lot of work.

The longer the poodle's coat is kept, the more frequently it needs to be brushed. Shaved Poodles do not require grooming, but longhair should be brushed daily to prevent tangles and mats.

Keep in mind that many Poodle mixes or Doodle mixes do not have the same benefits and may have hard-to-maintain coats that shed frequently.

Adopting a poodle mix from a rescue or shelter is fine as long as you have done nothing wrong with their fur, but we do not recommend buying from a breeder.

2. Maltese

teacup maltese
Maltese hair grows all the time, like a poodle.


Maltese stands 7-9 inches tall and weighs less than 7 lbs. Talk about a small teddy bear breed!

The pups keep growing their hair, like a poodle. They shed very little, but if their coat is long they will need frequent haircuts and daily grooming.

Maltese are always white, although sometimes they have black spots on their fur. When it comes to personalities, they are playful and affectionate. They are likely to be cuddly little bugs, not suitable for families that leave them alone for long periods of time.

While they can let off energy indoors when necessary, remember that all dogs can benefit from daily walks, as they are great for replenishing the body, getting fresh air, and providing daily activity.

3. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu (Canis familiaris) - puppy run
The Shih Tzu's long, silky coat rarely sheds.

© Darz Stock/Shutterstock.com

Shih Tzus are super popular dogs for good reason. They are friendly, affectionate, and adaptable.

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These little fur babies are 9-10.5 inches tall and weigh 9-16 lbs. Their long, silky fur rarely sheds, but needs to be kept short or groomed daily to prevent matted fur, which constantly pulls on the skin and can be very painful.

Shih Tzus come in a variety of coat colors and color combinations, and they can also have a variety of markings according to the AKC breed standard.

Unfortunately, Shih Tzus also have short noses, which makes them prone to various health problems. These dogs can't breathe like a dog with a normal-length nose, and may suffer from exercise intolerance or heat stroke. They are also prone to dental disease and eye problems.

For this reason, we recommend checking your local shelter or rescue Shih Tzu and not buying from a breeder.

4. Pomeranian

Pomeranians are very affectionate and prone to separation anxiety.

© Kristina Sh/Shutterstock.com

A Pomeranian is just a little clump of fur! They are 6-7 inches tall and weigh 3-7 lbs. Although their most recognized coat color is orange, the breed standard accepts a variety of colors.

The AKC describes the Pomeranian as bold and curious. Like most of the dogs on this list, they are very affectionate and prone to separation anxiety. If you live alone and work outside the home full time, then clingy dogs like this are not for you. They thrive in homes where someone is home most of the day, although they should be taught to be alone for short periods of time without panicking.

Pomeranians are also very vocal and can have problems barking if they lack training, attention, or exercise. Fortunately, their energy isn't particularly high, and a short daily walk while playing around the house should wear them out.

5. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier puppy sitting on the grass in the park
The coat of the Yorkshire Terrier is always bi-colored.

© Shllabadibum Bubidibam/Shutterstock.com

Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, are known for their long, sleek hair and the cute hairstyle most people give them to keep the fur from getting in their eyes. These adorable puppies are 7-8 inches tall and weigh 7 lbs.

Yorkies can also be cut in a short teddy bear breed cut like all long haired dogs so they look cute! Their coat is always bi-colored and the AKC breed standard accepts the following colors: black and tan, blue and blond, blue and tan, and black and blond.

They are playful, affectionate, and friendly. These dogs want to be friends with everyone, including children – remember to never leave dogs and children unattended as one can easily hurt the other without trying. Rough play should also be discouraged.

Because Yorkies are classified as mildly brachycephalic, which means their noses were bred too short, they can suffer from breathing problems, exercise intolerance, dental disease, and more. I recommend avoiding Yorkie breeders and looking for a rescue or shelter dog instead!

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6. West Highland White Terrier

West highland white terrier standing on the grass
The West Highland White Terrier was originally bred to have a large bark.

© BIGANDT.COM/Shutterstock.com

The AKC describes Westie White Terriers (or Westies) as loyal and happy. They're also cute, looking like little white marshmallows with long, fluffy fur.

Male Westies are 11 inches tall and females are 10 inches tall. Adult Westies weigh 15-20 lbs.

They tend to be affectionate, friendly, and good with children. Supervise any interaction between dogs and children, even small ones like Westies. Children can injure puppies by playing too rough, trying to lift them or climb on them, and some dogs will bite in self-defense.

These hounds are also relatively energetic and intelligent. They need to work as much as their bodies, so be prepared to play games, train new things, and maybe buy educational toys to keep them occupied.

7. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

puppy collar
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is affectionate, gets along well with other dogs, is protective and playful.

©Natalia Fedosova/Shutterstock.com

Although unlike the other animals on this list, corgis have short fur, but they are very cute to look at. Judging by their popularity, many agree!

These pups are affectionate, get along well with other dogs, are protective, and playful. Remember, they were originally bred for grazing livestock, and they do this by biting the animal's ankle so they can try it on you, other pets, and even children. Using positive reinforcement (rewarding chew toys and good interactions) to train this behavior and ending playtime or walking away when they bite is essential. Games and toys like herding balls provide an outlet for their herding behavior.

Corgis are usually fawns with white markings, but their coats can also be black and tan, red or sable. They have large, erect ears, short legs, and a long back.

Unfortunately, their short legs are due to a genetic mutation that causes back and spinal problems. We recommend rescuing corgis rather than buying puppies as they are unethical.

If you adopt a Corgi, protect its spine by avoiding stairs and jumping as much as possible. Pembroke Welsh Corgis can weigh up to 28-30 pounds, depending on gender, and stand 10-12 inches tall.

8. Sheltie

small indoor dog house
Shelties are affectionate and friendly with children and other dogs.


Shelties are essentially small collies. They stand 13-16 inches tall and weigh 15-25 pounds according to breed standards.

They have long double coats. Unlike most of the dogs on this list, shelties' coats shed moderately and don't grow out. You won't see it touching the floor like a Maltese or Shih Tzu. Expect to brush the coat weekly during shedding season.

Shelties are affectionate and friendly with children and other dogs. They are protective, trainable and energetic.

Because they were bred to be working dogs, they must get a lot of daily exercise and mental stimulation. Shelties are very smart! However, they also know how to relax on the couch or bed. Their adaptability means they will adapt well to your lifestyle if you meet their needs.

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9. Havanese

Havanese (Canis familiaris) - puppy with ball in mouth
Daily brushing of your Havanese is essential.

©Dorottya Mathe/Shutterstock.com

Havanese have a long double coat and shed very little, though you may see more of it around the house during shed season.

Daily brushing of these dogs is essential rather than shaving as it can cause damage. However, you can cut it down to a few inches long if you prefer.

Havanese stand 8.5-11.5 inches tall and weigh 7-13 lbs. They're friendly, cute, and smart! These pups need moderate exercise, including daily walks, and are playful.

They're known for being vocal, so it's crucial to train them on your expectations early on. It may be impractical to not bark, but you can train a "quiet" command to help calm them down when they get too happy.

10. Papillon

Papillon running and jumping in the air
Papillons are friendly, playful and energetic dogs.

Papillons have long, silky fur, erect ears, and a small stature. They are 8-11 inches tall and weigh 5-10 lbs. Because of the ears, it looks like a pigtail!

These dogs shed moderately and must be brushed regularly to prevent painful mats from growing on the coat. They are friendly, playful and energetic dogs. They're also intelligent, so providing regular mental stimulation and challenging their brains is essential.

If bored, your Papillon may become destructive, anxious or bark incessantly. To prevent barking at the door, you can teach them the quiet command or train them to go to a "place" away from the door, such as a dog bed. It might take some time, but luckily Papillon is smart and eager to please, so training shouldn't be too difficult.

We hope you enjoyed this list of teddy bear dog breeds. Adopting a dog is a commitment for life, so please take this decision seriously. While these dogs are cute, like teddy bears, they are not toys.

Each dog will also have its own personality, so while these breeds are known for being friendly, some may not want to be carried or cuddled. Remember to do things at your dog's pace, don't force affection!


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