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19 countries with red and white flags

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Throughout history, flags have been used in a variety of ways, from announcing a nation's victory in war to asserting sovereignty over territory. They are commonly found over administrative centers, campuses, stadiums and even private homes. But have you ever considered the thought process behind creating a country's flag? Why did this country choose those specific colors and symbols to represent it? For example, in terms of colors, national flags, in general, tend to use colors that represent values such as peace and harmony, reflecting the values, culture and history held dear by those countries.

Certain colors are also used more frequently than others. For example, red, white, and blue are the most chosen color schemes. Today, there is hardly any flag that does not feature at least one of these colors. This article will examine the world's flags that use only red and white. Did you know that 77.08% of flags are red, followed by white at 72.92%? No wonder that by 2023, 19 countries will have only these two colors on their flags! We'll take a quick look at each below in alphabetical order. let's go!

1. Austrian flag

The Austrian flag is red, white and red three horizontal stripes.


Austria has officially joined the growing list of countries flying the red and white flag. Austria has raised its flag as an independent state since 1230. Its design consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white and red. This flag design is considered to be one of the oldest flag designs used since its inception.

2. Flag of Bahrain

bahrain flag
The flag of Bahrain is white and red.

© em_concepts/Shutterstock.com

Since February 14, 2002, Bahrain has flown the red and white flag. Its design consists of red areas and white jagged wide bars located at the hoists. This line has 5 dots.

3. Canadian flag

The national flag of Canada is red, white and red, with a red maple leaf in the middle.

© iStock.com/husayno

Canada's current red and white flag was officially approved for use in 1965. This flag is often called the "Maple Leaf" because of its design. It consists of a red background with a white square in the middle with a maple leaf in the center. This maple leaf represents the land and its people.

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4. Flag of Denmark

Danish flag
The Danish flag has been flying since 1219.


The Danish flag has been flown since 1219 and is one of the earliest flags still in use today. Its design is a red area with a white Scandinavian (Northern European) cross on it.

5. Union Jack

British flag
The flag of England is white with a red St. George's cross in the center.

©Pavlo Lys/Shutterstock.com

England has flown its current red and white flag since the early 1990s. It's a simple white area with a red St George's cross on it. The symbol's association with England dates back to the Middle Ages.

6. Flag of Georgia

The flag of Georgia consists of a white background with a large red cross in the center, bordering the four sides of the flag. There are four smaller red crosses in each corner.

© iStock.com/Alexandra Bykova

Georgia straddles the Eurasian continent. It has been using its current red and white flag since January 2004. It is designed with a white area and a large red cross touching all four sides. There are also four smaller Georgian crosses; each of the four white quadrants.

7. Flag of Greenland

greenland flag
The flag of Greenland is a red and white flag with a red and white circle in the center.

© railway fx/Shutterstock.com

The current flag of Greenland, a red and white horizontal, was adopted in May 1989 and has been the country's national symbol ever since. Its design is two equal horizontal bars, white above and red below. It features a red and white reverse dial on the left or lift side of center.

8. Indonesian flag

The flag of Indonesia is a simple red and white bicolor flag.


Indonesia has flown its flag since 1950. Its design is a very simple two-tone, with two equal horizontal stripes, red at the top and white at the bottom.

9. Japanese flag

Japanese flag
The flag of Japan is white with a red circle in the middle.

© Tatohra/Shutterstock.com

The red and white flag, which has flown over Japan since August 1999, is considered relatively new. Its current design features a red disc or circle centered on a white background.

10. Flag of Latvia

The flag of Latvia consists of dark red areas (background) separated horizontally by a narrow white stripe. The width to length ratio of the flag is 1:2.

© iStock.com/Ingus Kruklitis

In 1918, Latvia adopted its current flag, red and white. Its design is a dark red area with a narrow white stripe running horizontally across it.

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11. Flag of Monaco

Monaco flag
The flag of Monaco is a horizontal red and white flag.

©Black Pearl Footage/Shutterstock.com

Monaco's red and white flag, which has been flown since 1881, is one of the oldest in the world. It is designed with two equal horizontal stripes, red above and white below. The flag of Monaco is very similar to the flag of Indonesia, however they are not the same size and the Monaco flag has a darker shade of red.

12. Polish flag

The national flag of Poland is a horizontal red and white flag with red on the top and white on the bottom.


The red and white flag of Poland has served as the national flag of the country since 1919. Its design is two equal horizontal bands, white at the top and red at the bottom.

13. Peruvian flag

The Peruvian flag is similar to the national flag, but without the coat of arms in the center.
The current version of the Peruvian flag was adopted in 1950.


The red and white flag of Peru was officially adopted on February 25, 1825. Its design is a vertical three bands of equal proportions in the following order: red, white, red. While this is the official design, it can often be seen defaced with different logos.

14. Qatar flag

Qatar flag
The flag of Qatar is dark red with white zigzag stripes on one side of the flag.

© Tatohra/Shutterstock.com

Since July 6, 1971, the national flag of Qatar has been hoisted as the national emblem. Its design consists of a dark red area and a wide white sawtooth band on one side of the hoist. White with nine dots. Its design is very similar to the flag of Bahrain; however, Bahrain has a white band with 5 points, while Qatar has a much darker red band.

15. Singapore flag

National flag of Singapore waving in the wind against the background of old buildings in People's Park
The flag of Singapore has a white crescent and five white stars on a red and white background.


The current red and white flag has been flying over Singapore since December 1959. Its design features a horizontal bicolor of red above a band of equal proportions of white. The red band on the state flag, which is the upper left part of the flag, is a white crescent facing five pentagonal white five-pointed stars.

16. Swiss flag

Swiss flag flies over a mountain in Switzerland
The Swiss flag is a red square with a white cross in the middle.

© kavalenkava/Shutterstock.com

Switzerland's red and white flag has been flying since 1889. Its design features a white cross in the center of a red background. The cross does not touch any corner of the flag. This cross is known as the Swiss cross. In addition to most rectangular flags, this flag is actually square.

17. Flag of Tonga

Tonga flag
The flag of Tonga is red with a white state and a red cross inside the state.

©iStock.com/Ahmed Zaggoudi

Tonga has flown the red and white flag representing the country since it declared independence in November 1875. Its design features a red background and a white area (upper left quadrant). There is a red cross in the state.

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18. Flag of Tunisia

tunisia flag
The flag of Tunisia is red with a white circle with a red crescent and star in the center of the circle.


In 1827, Tunisia officially adopted the current red and white flag. Its design is a red area with a white circle in the middle. Inside the white circle is a red crescent, facing a smaller red pentacle within the crescent curve.

19. Turkish flag

turkish flag
The flag of Turkey is red with a white crescent and star. The stars are beyond the crescent.


Türkiye's red and white flag has remained unchanged since 1936. Its design consists of a red base color and a white centered crescent (near the lift side), facing a smaller white five-pointed star on the outer side of the crescent.

In summary

We now know that red and white are two of the most popular flag options worldwide. So it's no surprise that many flags use these two colors for aesthetics. Flags are chosen by nations, states, territories and groups to symbolize what they value most. The colors of the flag represent a revered past and an optimistic future through tradition and quality. Although each flag is unique, there are often surprising connections between the color meanings of the many different flag designs.

For example, red is a striking and attention-grabbing hue, and it often signifies violent events, such as wars and revolutions, or the fight for freedom. It is also a symbol of strength, bravery and bravery. This speaks to a country's past in many ways, such as the struggles that led to its founding. White is the universal color of peace, purity and innocence. It often represents openness and unity, and sometimes even the surrender of a people. As a form of nature, it can also represent snow.

We hope you enjoyed learning about all the different flags around the world that have chosen such peaceful and powerful colors to represent their countries' history, culture and future goals. If you're interested in learning more about all the different flags around the world, including their histories, photos, and more, click here!


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