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24 Cute Critters That Will Melt Your Heart (And Share Their Truth)

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Why do baby animals of almost every species in the world instantly become cute? 10hunting.com is a site based on academic research and carefully collected facts, but let's be honest – there are some things science simply can't explain, like cute critters!

Critters are adorable and I refuse to apologize for liking every picture and video of them I can get my hands on.

So I introduce you to rare and adorable critters, along with facts about each one that you can love almost as much.

1. Cute little turtle

Watch this little one make his way from his newly hatched egg to the surface so he can join his friends as soon as possible. These turtles are not rare cute critters, but they are definitely adorable!

24 Cute Animals That Will Melt Your Heart And Share How Incredible They Are 1

Fun sea turtle fact: Female sea turtles will travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles in the water, but will almost always return to the exact same beach to lay a new set of eggs. Wow!

2. Steadfast Little Wolf

Chew that stick all you want – you can do it!

Fun wolf facts and rare cute critter facts: Wolf pups are deaf and blind like dogs and weigh no more than a soda can.

While your average wolf might trot at 5 mph, they've been known to sprint closer to 40 MPH when food is available.

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3. Adorable Duckling (aka Duckling)

This video is supposed to be without sound, but you can almost hear the crackling of these cute critters’ feet, can’t you?

Duck Fun Fact: A typical duck egg hatches in less than 30 days. As you know, this gives us more critters to wink at. Victory for the ducks, victory for me and you, right?

4. Glorious Baby Elephant

Talk about a mini-me! I couldn't get enough of this baby elephant wagging its ears at us.

Elephant Fun Fact: A newborn elephant can weigh over 260 pounds!

Just because elephants are so majestic, I'll include a second fact. Like narwhals (yes, that's a real animal), ivory is actually teeth. If your teeth look like that, I highly recommend seeing your dentist.

5. Cute little hippopotamus

His ears aren't big enough, but he's fast. Hippos are by far one of my favorite cute baby animals…because, let's see for ourselves.

Fun hippo fact: An adult hippo can eat over 75 pounds of grass in a single night. A pet hippo is more than mowing the lawn, but where does she sleep?

6. Cute little bunny

I wish I could have been in the room with this adorable bunny as he started exploring what was outside his basket.

Fun Rabbit Fact: Baby bunnies are called kitties (like foxes). A male rabbit is called a buck (like a deer.) and a female rabbit is called a doe (also like a deer.)

7. Adorable baby sloth

Sloths are notoriously slow to move, but I choose to believe that they simply enjoy the world around them more than most!

Fun sloth fact: The real reason sloths are slow is that they have a very low-calorie diet consisting mostly of leaves. Therefore, they move slowly to save energy.

8. Cute little Titan

This young Titan loves to drink as much as I do, except he doesn't spill it on his new shirt before an important meeting.

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Ground Beetle Fun Fact: Native to South America, wood beetles are flightless, but they can reach speeds of up to 40 mph.

9. Cute puppy

I can't get enough of this salt and pepper puppy. Neither can his friends!

Fun dog fact: Dogs are born without teeth, but just like me and you (and other mammals), they develop a set of baby teeth that are eventually replaced by adult teeth. By 6 months of age, dogs usually have teeth that will be available for life.

10. Funny little piggies

The three little pigs are playing in the dirt. A man fell down and he became… dirty!

Fun Pig Fact: Just like dogs, pigs can be trained to respond to their name. In many cases, much earlier than dogs.

11. Relax Baby Owl

This adorable owl is doing its best to hide, but we see you budding. We see you. we want to play!

Fun Owl Fact: Unlike many birds, owls fly almost silently. Given that they are also nocturnal hunters (meaning they hunt for food at night), owl prey often don't even know what hit them until it's too late.

12. Hungry baby ostrich

When I grow up, I want my position to be this person's position. Feeding cute baby ostriches all day is no problem for me.

Fun Ostrich Fact: Adult ostriches can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh over 300 pounds!

13. Shaggy Pony

Who knew horses could be so fluffy? I agree.

Horse fun fact: Horse height is usually measured in "hands" rather than feet or meters. Yes, those hands are about 4 inches wide.

14. The sleeping hedgehog

You can pet these sleepy buddies if you want, but make sure you're gentle!

Fun Hedgehog Fact: It may not look like it, but hedgehogs have about 6,000 setae on their backs!

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15. Stretch baby gorilla

Yaaawwwnnnn!! Is this what they call "Riley's Life"?

Fun Gorilla Fact: Baby orangutans love to swing, roll down hills, wrestle, and even tickle each other for fun.

16. Play Kid

Baby goats are cute and cuddly little animals that love to use their growing horns for practice.

Fun fact about the goats: If you ever find yourself in the mountains of northern Georgia, you need to make a pit stop at the goats on the roof, where you can take selfies with the adorable goats!

17. Young giraffes play

These parents seem to be intervening!

Fun Giraffe Fact: Giraffes are often considered dumb, but they can communicate through a variety of sounds, including loud coughing during courtship.

18. Cute little donkey

The guy may be alone, but seems content to munch on some grass.

Fun fact about donkeys: Donkeys are physically stronger than horses of the same size.

19. Curious Fawn

They say curiosity killed the cat…do you really want to follow in his footsteps, man?

Fun Fawn Fact: Fawns bleat like cries when they're trying to find their mother or when they're upset.

20. Happy Mavericks

Anyone want a vegan snack?

Fun Cow Fact: Cows have wide-ranging vision in all directions – they have 330° vision!

21. Super Hairy Chick

Is there anything more precious than a sweet, cottony soft chick?

Fun Chicken Fact: Chickens evolved from dinosaurs and are the closest living relatives to Tyrannosaurus rex.

22. Curious baby kitten

If only I could…leave…this…basket…!

Fun cat fact: 95.6% of domestic cats are genetically tigers!

23. Hungry Bird

hello mom! feed me!

Fun Bird Fact: Some birds are so intelligent they have the ability to create and use tools.

24. Cute little crocodile

Want to see this guy grow up and hang out with his horde of friends? Check out the lakes with the most alligators in the United States.

Alligator Fun Fact: Alligators grow throughout their lives.


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