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6 countries with red and yellow flags

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This article details the six countries that are represented in red and yellow on their flags. While many flags use both colors, we will focus on those that use only red and yellow, with the possible exception of the coat of arms, which may include other colors. Currently, we are discussing the flags of China, Spain, Montenegro, Vietnam, North Macedonia and Kyrgyzstan. We'll take a quick look at the history, design, and symbolism of each below!

chinese flag

The Chinese flag has a red area with a large yellow star above it and four smaller yellow stars arranged in a vertical arc towards the center of the flag.


The People's Republic of China adopted the flag designed by Zeng Liansong on October 1, 1949, and it has been the country's official flag ever since. The field is red with a large star with a dot in the center and four small yellow stars.

Red is a symbol of the violence and loss of life that occurred during the communist revolution and civil war. Also, the huge yellow five-pointed star symbolizes the country's dominance in the region. The tiny yellow stars indicate the citizens' unwavering support for their elected officials and stand in solidarity with them.

spanish flag

spanish flag
The Spanish flag is red and yellow.

©Osman Bugra Nuvasil/Shutterstock.com

In 1978, under the instructions of King Charles III, the current Spanish flag was officially used for the first time. Despite its simpler design form, it is still very important to the country. The Spanish flag is tricolor, with red, yellow and red horizontal stripes. In addition, the coat of arms of Spain is embroidered in the yellow stripe in the center of the flag, further to the left relative to the center.

Deep red symbolizes the strength and bravery possessed by a people. Yellow represents the country's generosity towards its own people and the rest of the globe.

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Montenegro flag

Montenegro flag
The national flag of Montenegro has a red background with a yellow border and a national emblem in the center.

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After the fall of Yugoslav communism in 2004, the flag of Montenegro was finally allowed to be officially used. The customs of the people of Montenegro are displayed on this flag in a manner that is both proud and dignified. The flag of Montenegro is red with yellow stripes and in the middle of the flag is the country's coat of arms.

The red color on the flag represents the blood of Christ and that of those who gave their lives for freedom. Additionally, the yellow border represents the country's former royal status.

Vietnam flag

Vietnam flag
The flag of Vietnam is a red background with a large yellow five-point star on it.

©Paisan Changhirun/Shutterstock.com

The current Vietnamese flag was designed by Nguyen Huu Tien and adopted as the country's standard in 1945. During this period, revolutionary commanders were directing a rebellion to seek Vietnam's independence from the Japanese Empire and the colonial French government.

The Vietnamese flag is a red rectangle with a yellow five-pointed star in the middle. Yellow is the hue chosen by the Vietnamese to represent their country as a cultural symbol. Blood red symbolizes the lives of those lost in the revolution, including workers, soldiers and businessmen.

North Macedonian flag

macedonian flag
The Macedonian flag is red with a big yellow sun on it.

©Osman Bugra Nuvasil/Shutterstock.com

PR. Miroslav Grev is credited with designing the North Macedonian flag, which was subsequently used in the country's first official ceremony on 5 October 1995. It was intended to represent the beginning of a new era in which the people of this country would have more freedom.

In the flag of North Macedonia, the sun is depicted in gold on a red background. In addition to the eight rays of light emanating from the center of the banner, it also has a star. The people of this country have traditionally associated the color red with the country itself. Yellow represents the beginning of a new era, one they are trying to usher in.

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Kyrgyzstan flag

Kyrgyzstan flag
The flag of Kyrgyzstan is red with a yellow sun and Tonduk.

© Tatohra/Shutterstock.com

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kyrgyzstan quickly adopted a new flag. That was the moment when the nation was free for the first time in modern times. The flag of Kyrgyzstan is intended to promote national pride by showcasing the country's rich cultural heritage.

The red color of the national flag embodies the bravery and heroism of the citizens, and the yellow sun represents the tranquility and prosperity of the country. In addition, the sun's central tunduk represents the country's status as a refuge for its citizens.


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Vietnam flag
Vietnam flag with yellow star and red background.

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