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9 Yellow Cat Breeds and Yellow Cat Names

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  • Orientals come in over 600 colors and patterns, including shades of yellow. This cat is cheerful and affectionate.
  • The Abyssinian cat, No. 4 on our list, is sociable and talkative, despite its subtle meow.
  • The orange tabby is the most popular of all cats. The tabby gets its name from its yellow and orange striped coat.

Yellow cats are very popular. Their ginger, yellow, and orange coats are thought to have the same bright, sunny personality. While there is no scientific evidence to support this theory, there is plenty of evidence that these cats are beautiful. People call them ginger, butterscotch, caramel, or flame (they're also sometimes called red cats or orange cats), but they're all different shades of the same bright color. Read on to learn more about the nine yellow cat breeds and yellow cat names.

What is a yellow cat?

When talking about yellow cat breeds, it's important to note that there are different shades of ginger that are considered "yellow." These cats may have yellow, orange, or red fur, depending on the amount and type of pigment, or pheomelanin, in the fur.

There are three types of melanin: eumelanin, pheomelanin, and neuromelanin. Phaeomelanin is the type responsible for red hair in animals and humans. Cats have varying amounts of this pigment. This is why some of the cats on our list are not pure yellow but still qualify as yellow cat breeds.

Due to genetics, ginger and yellow cats are predominantly male. For example, more than 80 percent of orange tabby cats are male. Female cats who inherit the ginger chromosome are more likely to be tricolors or tortoises. These facts explain the rich colors of these cats. Cats with this pigment may appear in various shades of red, apricot, or orange. The shade consists of almost creamy yellowish.

If you're looking for a new kitten, or just want to see some sun-colored furballs, you'll love our list of the top nine big yellow cat breeds.

#9: Orient – will be your best friend

Oriental cats come in more color options than any other cat breed.

© Belikart/Shutterstock.com

The elegant Oriental cat comes in over 600 colors and color patterns, probably more color options than any other cat breed. This beautiful cat also appears on our list of the top 10 gray cat breeds. The Oriental cat is a slender, elegant cat with large ears and an affectionate personality. Smart, affectionate Orientals need a lot of love and attention.

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Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Sunshine

Oriental cats are playful, intelligent felines who enjoy spending time with their people. Orientals will bring sunshine into your home.

#8: Persian – Like a Little Lion

The Persian is a high maintenance cat breed.


Few sights are as stunning as a deep golden long-haired Persian cat. This quiet, graceful cat is known for its thick, long fur and upturned nose. This is an unusual cat that needs quiet, some solitude, and regular attention. Persian cats require more maintenance than other breeds. Its long fur requires frequent grooming and is very sensitive to noise. However, it is a lovely, cuddly cat.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Lion

Like its distinguished ancestor, the yellow or ginger Persian has a stately appearance. Give this cat a name worthy of its elegant appearance.

#7: Lee Long – Cheerful, Cute, and Friendly

Although relatively unknown in other countries, the Longli is a very popular breed in its native China. This friendly kitten has a compact, muscular body and a short tail. With a sweet, affectionate personality, the Dragon Li is a perfect fit for almost any home. In China, its official breed name is "Lihuamo", which means "fox cat". In its color, it has golden and brown stripes.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Sunflower

A bright yellow flower is an apt name for this friendly kitty.

#6: American Bobtail – Big and Playful Friend

The American Bobtail is a friendly cat that generally gets along well with other animals.

© iStock.com/jockermax

Named for its short, stubby tail, the breed comes in a variety of colors, including orange and yellow. This is a big cat with a distinct personality. The bobtail is a playful, friendly cat that generally gets along well with other pets. It loves playing games and spending time with people. The short tail is vocal and energetic. It's a cat with a lot of love for the right family.

Suggested name for a yellow cat: Mustard

Like a squeeze of mustard, your bobtail brings a little spice every day. This playful cat deserves a playful name.

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#5: Abyssinian Cat – Sweet, Sociable Charismatic

Abyssinian cats are one of the most popular cats.


The elegant Abyssinian is one of the most popular cats. This spindly cat is known for its large ears, vocal personality, and rich coloring. It has a beautiful red color and is called "ruddy" by breeders. This cat enjoys interacting with people and can play quietly with itself. It is vocal, but not loud. This cat hates being left alone, so it's a good idea to get another cat or other pet.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Apricot

The soft orange color of the Abyssinian orange will remind you of this soft, fuzzy fruit.

#4: Egyptian Mau – Wild at Heart

The Egyptian Mau is the only domestic cat breed with a spotted coat.

© Giovanni Piero Pellegrini/Shutterstock.com

Known as the Egyptian mau, this adorable cat is the only domestic cat with speckled coats. The exotic feline retains many of the traits of its wild ancestors, including a cheetah-like walk, spotted fur and a strong urge to prey. Mau is a smart, friendly cat who loves to cuddle with his owners.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Mango

Mango is an exotic sweet fruit and your Mau is an exotic sweet cat. It's perfect.

#3: Himalayan – True Cat Nobility

The Himalayan cat is a variant of the Persian cat.

© iStock.com/Celesty

The Himalayan cat is a variant of the Persian cat. It has luxurious long fur with two different coat patterns. This cat has a solid body color with different colored spots or "spots" on the ears, tail and paws. Classic Himalayan point colors include Flame, which is a white cat with orange or red points. Creamy Point Himalaya is a light creamy orange. Himalayan cats are as sensitive and noble as Persian cats.

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Toulouse

Toulouse is a friendly orange kitten in the 1970 Disney film Cat Noble . You can also name your cat Thomas O'Malley, the orange cat who was the main character in that movie.

#2: Maine Coon – The Classic American Cat

Maine Coon cats originated in New England.

©Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock.com

One of the largest domestic cat breeds, this longhair has tufted ears, huge paws, and a bushy tail. A Maine Coon is like a fluffy ball of fur that remains playful like a kitten for most of its life. Great for kids, loves to play with toys. Bred to endure the harsh New England climate, he is a sturdy, healthy cat. Maine Coons come in all the common cat colors, including orange and yellow.

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The Maine Coon may be the oldest living cat in the Americas. Its name can be misleading; Main coon has nothing to do with raccoons. It is believed to be a cross between a long-haired European cat and a short-haired cat. The Maine Coon is large and has been nicknamed the "gentle giant" for its docile disposition and large size. They weigh between 8-19 lbs!

Suggested Yellow Cat Name: Cheddar

Since the Maine Coon originated in New England, it is named after one of New England's most famous products. There's nothing quite like a big orange Maine Coon, and nothing quite like a hunk of good American cheddar.

#1: Orange Tabby – The Most Popular Cat in the World

Tabbies refer to the markings on a cat's fur.

© iStock.com/shcherbak volodymyr

The common orange tabby comes in various shades of yellow. Every orange cat is a tabby, but not every tabby is orange. Is this confusing? Tabbies come in other colors, but only tabbies have the familiar bright orange and white markings. Tabby cats are not a breed. It refers to the familiar markings you see on cats of all colors.

Orange tabbies are very popular. Cartoon character Garfield and 9 Lives mascot Morris are probably the most famous orange tabby cats in the world. Two beloved fictional tabby cats include Thomasina from Paul Gallico and Orlando's book, and Jam the Cat from Kathleen Hale's book. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation data, the droid has a pet orange tabby named Spot.

Suggested yellow cat name: Creamsicle

We couldn't think of a better cat than Creamsicle for this beautiful cat with bright sunny fur and creamy white markings. Just seeing one of these smart, beautiful cats is a treat.

Yellow Cat Breed Summary and Suggested Names

rank Variety Name
1 orange tabby Cream Popsicles
2 maine coon cheddar cheese
3 Himalayas Toulouse
4 egyptian mau mango
5 abyssinian cat apricot
6 American bobtail mustard
7 Li Long sunflower
8 Persian lion
9 Eastern Sunlight


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