Baby Cockroaches: 7 Facts, What They Look Like, and 7 Pictures

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Cockroaches are very interesting little animals. Did you know that they predate a time when almost all life died? Or what about the fact that baby cockroaches may or may not have a dad? We have seven amazing facts and pictures about baby cockroaches, let's find out about them!

#1: Tiny cockroaches are called nymphs!

swarm of small cockroaches
Cockroaches are called nymphs when they are young!


First, a baby cockroach is laid and hatches about twenty to forty days later. Once hatched, baby roaches are called nymphs and remain nymphs until they become adults.

To make room for new growth, nymphs molt. Molting means they shed their shells, revealing new, larger shells underneath. Nymphs can molt five to ten times before being recognized as adult cockroaches.

Adult cockroaches are called adults, and they don't have a special name.

#2: The little cockroach is very sneaky

Baby Cockroach - Cockroach Life Cycle
Cockroaches lay eggs that become nymphs.

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If you see a few small cockroaches wandering around, chances are there are many, many more beneath the surface. Cockroaches will deliberately avoid your sight.

Small cockroaches are also fast, which is another defense mechanism. Since cockroaches are so easily killed by other animals and humans, they have to be creative to ensure their own survival. Their speed and stealth help them protect themselves from threats.

If you see some near your home, you should take it as a sign that you can nest.

#3: You can’t sneak up on a cockroach nymph

Little cockroach portrait
Cockroach nymphs are among the most cunning animals on earth.


No matter how hard you try to sneak up on cockroach larvae, you'll never be sneaky. When there is movement in the air, the hairs on the little cockroaches will remind them.

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This special ability makes it nearly impossible for cockroaches to be caught off guard. This is just another example of the way baby cockroaches protect themselves.

#4: Cockroach Nymphs Can Survive Without Their Heads

baby cockroaches - cockroach eggs
Cockroach eggs are large compared to adult cockroaches.

©Georgy Dzyura/

Since cockroaches breathe through small pores all over their bodies and can survive for up to a month without food, cockroaches don't necessarily need a head to survive. However, it only lasts a week without water.

So what does this mean for the little roach? They can live up to a week completely headless!

Certain species of cockroaches will even regenerate limbs if they are lost for some reason. They can also compress their bodies to fit in really small spots that you'll never find. Cockroaches can fit into cracks as small as 0.33 mm wide – that's about half the width of a penny!

#5: Baby cockroaches can be born without a dad

Little Cockroach Feast
Cockroach babies can conceive without the help of a male adult cockroach.

© Chaonan

Parthenogenesis is the process by which female cockroaches reproduce without the help of male cockroaches. If you've ever wondered how on earth cockroaches can reproduce so quickly, this is a huge contributing factor.

However, not all species of cockroaches have this ability. Of the few, the most popular type is the American cockroach.

#6: Cockroach Nymphs Are Nearly Indestructible and Very Ancient

small cockroach family
Cockroaches are extremely adaptable and have been around for millions of years.

© Lokakalin

Scientists believe that cockroaches are very ancient, dating back to the Carboniferous period nearly 300 million years ago. There are of course good reasons for this.

If you're wondering how this is possible, the answer is simpler than you might think. Baby roaches have many evolutionary abilities that make them nearly impossible to kill. For example, baby cockroaches can survive in water for up to 30 minutes. They can live without a front for the same reason they can survive underwater, they breathe through tiny holes in their bodies.

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#7: Baby Cockroaches Have Wings

small cockroach eggs
Cockroaches That Can't Fly Have Wings!


All cockroaches have wings, but not all cockroaches can fly. Cockroaches, whether babies or adults, are desperate for food, and most would rather spend their time walking around in search of food. Some cockroaches that fly well are Asian cockroaches, brown cockroaches, wood cockroaches, etc.


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baby cockroaches - cockroach eggs

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the name of the little cockroach?

Small cockroaches are called nymphs. The female cockroach lays eggs, which hatch after about a month. After hatching, they are called nymphs until they become adults. They can take up to a year to reach adulthood.

How much does a cockroach weigh?

Baby cockroaches weigh less than a gram, and they are only a quarter of an inch long. That's less than a paper clip! Of the more than 4,000 species of cockroaches, most weigh only a few grams when fully grown.

What do little cockroaches eat?

Some of the favorite foods of cockroach nymphs are bread, fruit, and sugary treats. However, cockroaches are not known to be picky eaters. They have been known to eat hair, shoes, paper, and even decaying matter.

Where do little cockroaches live?

Small cockroaches like to live and grow in warm, humid and dark places. Floors, crawl spaces, and basements are all good places for cockroach nymphs to make their homes.

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