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Here is the list of  10 best hunting apps for 2022. We board a hi-tech world and although there square measure some drawbacks, there square measure plenty of helpful tools to assist US out notwithstanding what we tend to do. there’s no information out of reach. we will realize the solution to something in seconds. Even the looking world has been invaded by the app however that’s ok as a result of we discover the highest eight best looking apps of 2022.
These apps aren’t fluff. they’re jam-packed with info which will improve it slow within the field, be that reconnoitering a replacement location or on the hunt itself.

A number of them will assist you find new looking grounds or new looking partners whereas others can assist you not sleep so far with the weather or simply facilitate keep you safe. If you carry a sensible device daily, these square measure apps reaching to love and are thus cheap there’s no reason to not strive them. Some square measure even free! Unlocking your potential as a tech-savvy hunter can modification the approach you hunt, creating you more practical and higher ready. the simplest factor regarding these apps square measure that you simply can learn to be a far better hunter while not them must you ever got to go while not them. notwithstanding what your chosen game animal is there square measure apps for you. Let’s get into them.

1. Huntstand – Best App Around

Huntstand – Best App Around

The Huntstand app encompasses a heap of various functions and will all of them well. that’s why it takes the highest spot in our app rankings. As a matter of truth, Huntstand covers such a lot ground that it might take the place of a spread of the opposite apps below.

Among alternative things, the Huntstand app may be a mapping app, most likely the most effective offered to gaseous nebula. It permits you to require existing map knowledge and customise it to your wants by adding marker locations, lines for trails and roads, and even space mapping to hide your whole searching space or food plot.

But it doesn’t stop there. you’ll live any distance or space on the map see parcels and land purchasable (where available), and even log sightings and kills. the foremost advanced mapping options ar the one that permits you to envision your scent unfold for cervid and calculate landing sites and direction for waterbird. it’s a know all mapping app.

If it stopped there, this is able to still be one amongst the most effective apps for hunters however it doesn’t. Huntstand additionally tracks weather, wind direction and speed, and solunar cycles. however none of that’s what lands Huntstand within the most wanted spot.

The reason we have a tendency to love Huntstand is for the social side of the app. you’ll use it to find and keep track of searching friends and share your success stories. you’ll additionally use it to form or notice events in your space, established message boards for native hunters, and even share your maps to induce everybody on an equivalent page.

2. OnX Hunt – Best Mapping App

onX Hunt – Best Mapping App

It’s exhausting to maneuver on once the Huntstand app however there area unit higher tools for mapping, a minimum of one anyway. If you’re searching for a pure mapping app, this is it. It willn’t have tons of options to outshine a number of the opposite apps that give a mapping service however it does have a number of the most effective maps and map knowledge offered.

There area unit many options that create this app higher for mapping than others. the primary of that is its wonderful lexicon of information covering all fifty states. it’s nice maps of public and personal land, parcels and possession, and over four hundred overlays to accomplish a spread of tasks.

The second feature that we tend to admired was the power to layer map knowledge therefore you’ll see things like topographical lines on aerial images. As a vicinity of this practicality, you’ll be able to produce your own waypoints for navigation and use those to urge directions as you progress around your searching space.

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But out and away the most effective feature of this app is that the ability to save lots of maps for offline use. No data, no problem! transfer your maps from Wi-Fi and take them with you. This feature kills such a big amount of alternative mapping apps that it isn’t funny.

3. Scoutlook – Best Free Hunting App

Scoutlook – Best Free Hunting App

Scoutlook is sort of a light-weight version of Huntstand with heaps of an equivalent options, except now it’s free. Well, it’s free if you’ll be able to modify some pop-up ads from time to time. They square measuren’t that intrusive or annoying and are straightforward to measure with however you’ll be able to upgrade to the paid version and obtain obviate them if you select.

Scoutlook’s maps square measure rather restricted compared to a number of the opposite apps, with solely roads, topo, or aerial photography obtainable as a base map. will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} overlay plats such as you can with the opposite mapping apps and use markers and navigation along with your phones internal GPS. there’s even a cache operate to permit you to look at maps offline powerful it’s rather restricted.

Like hunter, there’s a operate to show scent unfold hour by hour and keep track of wherever your downwind aspect is. it’s an equivalent landing data for aquatic bird further. Neither of those square measure quite as advanced as Huntstand however they’re useful and useful.

Scoutlook features a solid weather app that will what all weather apps do. Well, it will quite that. It offers information on peak searching times and game activity by the employment of the information it’s reachable like bad weather, solunar information, weather, precipitation, and air pressure.

Though not as advanced, for a free app Scoutlook may be a sensible tool. One you must in all probability undertake before you head into the land of paid apps. Of course, some choices with Scoutlook would require AN investment.

4. SAS Survival Guide – Best App if Things Go Wrong

SAS Survival Guide – Best App if Things Go Wrong

Whether you carry it for once things go dangerous or simply for the fun of getting it, this is often an excellent app that each hunter ought to have. typically things go dangerous and this has lots of info that actually may be useful if they are doing. This isn’t some fluff app however a significant tool!

If you aren’t acquainted with ‘Lofty’ Wisemans bestselling book of an equivalent name, this app has it. All four hundred pages of it to pass the time once things area unit a touch slow. however it’s quite that, far more!

It has sixteen videos changing a spread of the foremost vital topics within the book likewise as illustrated guides on edible and toxic plants, knots, animal tracks and one amongst the foremost comprehensive guides on field tending that you simply might kindle. this is often all valuable information!

But it’s more… Morse code, a survival list and quiz, and a groundwork operate to assist you discover what would like|you would like|you wish} once you need it. Plus, the newest version comes with the urban survival guide that’s jam-choked with info on all stuff you could encounter out of the woods on your means home.

Seriously, if you don’t have this app, go get it!

5. AccuWeather – Best Weather App

AccuWeather – Best Weather App

I bet you didn’t apprehend that there’s one app that’s used most frequently by 1st responders, emergency personnel, and search and rescue. That app is AccuWeather, the most effective weather app offered hands down!

Why is it most better? It truly has live forecasts and folks behind it that do the groundwork to create things as correct as doable. Most apps simply feed information from a web supply and ne’er place any thought into it.

If there’s something that a weather app will do, this one will it. together with all the quality weather information, sunrise/sunset times, and radar, the AccuWeather app conjointly provides you with native alerts which may be terribly handy to own go into the sector. it’s a protracted forecast outline and historic weather trends. it’s all things weather!

There is nothing smart concerning being caught in inclement weather and whereas I actually have ne’er glorious a weather forecaster WHO can be correct all the time, the AccuWeather of us do a awfully smart job. Don’t leave home while not it.

6. Powderhook – Best Social App

Powderhook – Best Social App

Powderhook willn’t do plenty however what it does do, it will terribly well! tho’ there’s a mapping part to Powderhook it’s to this point behind the opposite mapping tools out there that it isn’t value discussing. You don’t get Powderhook for the maps, you comprehend to urge it for the wonderful folks and places it will assist you realize.

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If you’re a primary time or novice hunter, Powderhook has the most effective feature to assist you: Mentorship. you’ll get on Powderhook and raise queries that may be answered by consultants within the field and even realize somebody to require you below their wing and teach you the ropes. Of course, if you’re a responded to hunter you’ll check in to be a mentor.

A lot of the brands we have a tendency to love as hunters also are Powderhook users and share plenty of content regarding their stores together with sales and special events to stay you up up to now on the searching community in your space.

I wouldn’t decision this a necessary app however i’ll say that there are not any cluster of individuals out there attempting to try and do additional for the searching community. Powderhook is presently attempting to introduce teens to searching and grow the amount of our future hunters. It’s a lofty goal and one that you simply ought to be a neighborhood of.

7. Shot Simulator – Most fun and Educational App

Shot Simulator – Most fun and Educational App

This app borders on novelty except for a replacement hunter, it are often extremely useful. It solely do i issue however that one issue are some things that no different app will. It uses associate degree animated cervid with correct anatomy to trace the shot you only created and to form following shot higher.

The process is straightforward and starts with positioning the cervid and yourself wherever you were once the cervid was shot and your hit location. this can facilitate it calculate angles through the body. Once you have got that down, the model can simulate successful to the cervid therein location from the angle your arrow was discharged.

Once you have got your shot information completed you’ll be able to peel away the layers of the cervid to visualize what injury was done and what organs were hit. The models square measure quite correct and represent things well.

From the hit data, the app will tell you a spread of things concerning your hit like blood loss and time to death. this can be all calculable in fact however it’s attention-grabbing and fun data to own.

This is an excellent app for teaching our younger generation concerning shot placement and the way best to shoot a cervid from a spread of angles. most children can choose this up fast and begin experimenting. It’s an excellent tool to own only for the fun of getting it.

8. Primos STL Hunting App – Best Animal Calls App

Primos STL Hunting App – Best Animal Calls App

Before we tend to start on animal decision apps, i would like to mention that this app or none adore it are literally supposed to decision animals. they’re not loud enough and therefore the sound isn’t realistic enough to try and do that. What these apps do is teach you the way to raised use your decision.

That said, this is often the simplest app for animal calls created by the kings of animal calls, Primos looking Calls. If there’s AN animal you’ll decision, they create a entail it and sure this app will show you best the way to use it.

The app itself is pretty blank bones with none additional options to talk of. It’s simply recordings of animal necessitate a dozen close to animal species and a range of techniques and necessitate every animal. Overall there square measure perhaps 24 totally different calls.

Whether you utilize this app to introduce new hunters to animal sounds or to boost your own ability with animal calls is up to you. It will each well. As an academic tool, this is often a price of the value and one that deserves a spot in each hunter’s tool case.

9. WeatherBug– Best Weather App 2022

WeatherBug- Best Weather App 2019

WeatherBug may be a whole closely-held by GroundTruth, primarily based in big apple town, that gives location-based advertising solutions to businesses. WeatherBug consists of a mobile app news live and forecast knowledge on hyperlocal weather to shopper users. WeatherBug has current and extended native and national weather forecasts, news, temperature, live radar, lightning, cyclone alerts and a lot of.

10. Quiver Apps 

Quiver Apps 

Comparing this app to the others within the take a look at could be a bit tough, as long as its core practicality isn’t targeted on mapping or navigation. however it’s a great deal associate degree app aimed toward hunters, and so value together with.

The launch page options a helpful forecast. Nothing special here, really. Once you begin looking, however, the app comes into play and is pretty cool. To begin, you just faucet “Start Hunt,” and also the app can find wherever you’re, permit you to call the outing, and update the weather.

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From there, you’ll record any activity you would like, together with cervid sightings, and add notes, images, etc. whenever you record an occasion, the weather, time, and moon part area unit captured. Over the course of the season, you ought to begin to ascertain information trends.

Unfortunately, you would like to try to to this deduction on your own. The app doesn’t supply any style of analysis over time. This free app would be loads a lot of valuable if it had that practicality.


What is the best rated hunting app?

There are a few different apps that hunters can use to help with their hunts, but the one that is most highly rated is onX Hunt. This app allows users to access maps and GPS data in order to plan their hunt and track their progress. There are also a variety of other features that make it useful for hunters, such as the ability to mark locations, set up waypoints, and check weather conditions.

What’s the best free hunting app?

There are a few different free hunting apps available, but the one that is most highly rated is onX Hunt. This app allows users to access maps and GPS data in order to plan their hunt and track their progress. There are also a variety of other features that make it useful for hunters, such as the ability to mark locations, set up waypoints, and check weather conditions.

What is the best hunting app for iPhone?

There are a few different apps that hunters can use on their iPhones, but the one that is most highly rated is onX Hunt. This app allows users to access maps and GPS data in order to plan their hunt and track their progress. There are also a variety of other features that make it useful for hunters, such as the ability to mark locations, set up waypoints, and check weather conditions.

What is the best hunting and fishing app?

There are a few different apps that combine hunting and fishing features, but the one that is most highly rated is onX Hunt. This app allows users to access maps and GPS data in order to plan their hunt and track their progress. There are also a variety of other features that make it useful for hunters, such as the ability to mark locations, set up waypoints, and check weather conditions. It also includes some fishing-specific features, such as the ability to track catch data and find nearby fishing spots.

Is onX or HuntStand better?

This is a difficult question to answer, as both onX Hunt and HuntStand have their own unique features and benefits. However, if you’re looking for the most highly rated hunting app, then onX Hunt is the better option. This app allows users to access maps and GPS data in order to plan their hunt and track their progress. There are also a variety of other features that make it useful for hunters, such as the ability to mark locations, set up waypoints, and check weather conditions.

Who makes the best hunting app?

There are a number of different hunting apps on the market, and it really depends on your individual needs as to which one is the best. Some people prefer HuntStand because of its accurate GPS capabilities, while others find that MyHuntTracker is more user-friendly. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which features are most important to you and choose the app that meets those needs.

How much does HuntStand cost per year?

A subscription to HuntStand costs $29.99 per year. However, if you sign up for a 3-year subscription, you can get a discounted rate of $19.99 per year.

Is HuntStand property lines accurate?

Yes, HuntStand is very accurate when it comes to property lines. It uses a combination of GPS and satellite imagery to make sure that you always know where you are in relation to your property boundaries.

How accurate is HuntStand GPS?

HuntStand’s GPS capabilities are extremely accurate. The app uses both GPS and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System) to triangulate your position, so you can be confident that you’ll always know exactly where you are.

Are there any free hunting apps?

While there are some free hunting apps available, they don’t tend to be as feature-rich as the paid options. If you’re serious about hunting, you’ll probably want to invest in a app that has all the bells and whistles to help you be successful.


Never before has the planet of searching been thus hospitable such a lot of folks. whereas several people grew up searching and learned it the previous approach, thusme weren’t so lucky and came to searching late with no facilitate. These apps square measure nice for those of us.

That doesn’t mean that even the tried and true hands at searching will get pleasure from a bit technology. a number of these apps do things that our forefathers couldn’t have unreal of. Sure, there’s worth in conserving the previous ways in which and therefore the previous data, i’ll be the primary to square up and say thus however that doesn’t mean we must always flip a blind eye to the tools that may extremely facilitate North American nation.

Give a few of those apps a trial, i’m positive you may realize one thing that you {just} like which makes your days spent searching just a bit additional productive!

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