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Dog Breeds That Begin With B

Published: August 11, 2021

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Here is a list of dog breeds that start with the letter B.

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This dog is also known as Bassetdor or Basset Lab.

Basset Fauve de Bretagne

A friendly and intelligent hunting dog who loves spending time with his owner best.


The Basset Hound has been around since the 7th century, but the Basset Hound first appeared in the 2000s.


Bea-Tzu has a fast growing coat


The perfect companion for cats!


Beagadors love to dig, so make sure you have a good fence around your garden!


Has become a popular family pet!

beagle mix

Eagles are the best students because they love to learn new tricks, so training them is a breeze.

beagle collie

This dog can perform a variety of exotic and acrobatic tricks not possible with dogs of this size.

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These dogs have great sniffing abilities

big brother

Beagos are strong swimmers like their Golden Retriever parents.


Beaskis love to play, so be prepared for lots of long walks.


Beauceron is named after its French origin (Beauce)

Belgian Malinois mix

These Belgian Malinois mixes can be scary when threatened. But it's important to note that they know when to attack. In other words, they won't attack unless they sense danger.

belgian shepherd dog

Collie is also known as Groenendael. All four Belgian breeds have nicknames for Belgian villages.


Bergamascos are excellent problem solvers; when they work with their nomadic shepherd masters, they are bred to be independent.


The Bernedoodle was first bred in 2003 with the goal of creating a dog with a similar temperament to the Bernese Mountain Dog and a longer lifespan.

bernese mountain dog mix

This Bernese Mountain Dog mix is very dependent on its loved ones and needs a lot of attention.


Despite its small size, this canid's alertness and sharp bark make it a great watchdog.

black mouth dog

From the description of the dog in the book, it was believed that Old Jelle was actually a black-mouthed dog.


Goggles in animal rescue are often mistaken for pitbulls due to their similar facial structure.


Boradors are excellent police dogs and are often used in search and rescue missions.

border collie mix

Since the border collsky's parent breeds are hardworking dogs primarily used for herding and pulling sleds, they require proper socialization to deal with new people.

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Bordoodles are much quieter and require far less movement than other doodles.


Most Borkies inherit the signature howl from their Beagle parents.

Flanders Bouvier

A Bouvier cannot win a championship title in Belgium unless he has already won an award as a working police or military dog.


Boxachi can vary in size, so you won't know how big they'll get until you adopt them. However, 40 lbs is the maximum weight they can achieve.


Boxadors are so smart they'll be playing backyard games in no time!

boxer combination

Boxers can live 10 to 15 years if cared for properly.

boxer doodle

The Boxerdoodle has strong bloodhound blood.

box sky

Boxers were bred to be working dogs, and their boxsky offspring still love to help out on the ranch and with other outdoor jobs.


Boxweilers come in a variety of colors, but they often have the subtle brindle pattern for which their boxer parents are very famous.

Braque France

Instead of warning you of any potential threats, Braque Francais will try to make friends with strangers.


The breed was formerly known as the Brittany Hound


These confident little dogs are not afraid to approach larger dogs.

brussels griffin

Brussels Griffons prefer to live with another dog so they have a companion to play with.

bull and beagle

Bulldogs and terriers were bred specifically for pit bulls, a brutal blood sport in which certain breeds would attack angry bulls strapped to poles.


Bullboxers have several different breed nicknames, including pitoxer, bullboxer pit, and American bull boxer.

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Friendly, loving, docile!

bulldog mix

Bulladors are notorious for having the best traits and mannerisms of both parents, as they are often friendly, playful, and sociable.

List of Dog Breeds Beginning with the Letter B

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