Dreaming about snakes: discovering spiritual meanings and interpretations

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Snakes are significant because they are one of the earliest and most diverse mythological symbols in history. In many cultures, snakes are associated with upward progression, such as metamorphosis or resurrection, because they often lose their skin.

However, in some cultures the snake can also be a more ominous symbol, signifying evil or even death. So what does it mean to dream about snakes? Should you start planning what you hope to achieve, or should you prepare for an unexpected passing?

Today, we are going to discuss everything to know about the symbolism, meaning and possible signs of dreaming about these slippery creatures. Read on to learn more!

snake symbol

heads up cobra
Dreaming about snakes can mean many things, depending on the situation and the behavior of the snake.


The snake is often used as a symbol of evil and may indicate that you have succumbed to temptation. Depending on the snake's color or how it manifests in dreams, it can sometimes represent knowledge or healing.

The meaning can also indicate rebirth or your need to renew your life. It could be something exciting, like starting a new job. Or, it may mean that you have to examine your relationships. The snake is a representation of bravery or courage.

They generally don't stare at the ground like most animals; instead, they hold their heads high. Snake silently, come without a trace; these characteristics indicate a certain degree of self-confidence, strength and agility. The exception is the Diamondback, which we'll cover below.

Most people associate snakes with fear. You may need to be careful not to step into the snake's imaginary trap. Snake is a creature that has long been associated with horror and also has unfavorable meanings in dreams.

It may symbolize evil people around you and in your life, whether friends or enemies. However, this does not mean that dreams involving snakes are always unfavorable. Sometimes seeing a snake in a dream can represent something uplifting, such as rebirth, strength, or bravery.

type of snake

snake fangs rattlesnake venomous aggressive snake fangs rattlesnake venomous aggressive
If you dream of a rattlesnake, it may be alert to something in your life.

© iStock.com/johnaudrey

Dreamers want to consider what kind of snake they dream about. We know that not everyone is a snake expert, and it's not always easy to tell which species a snake might be. If you can, do a search online based on characteristics you do remember, such as color, size, and any possible patterns on the scale.

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dream about rattlesnake

When a predator or even a careless bystander approaches it, a rattlesnake wags its tail to scare away any potential threat. So if you see a rattlesnake in your dream, it might alert you to a dangerous person in your life, or urge you to start watching for any warning signs that person might be showing.

Dream about python

According to some experts, nothing that happens in a dream is random; therefore, the type of snake that appears in your dream makes sense. Today is a good reminder that people in your life often take the form of snakes in dreams.

Consider the snake carefully, especially how it poses a threat to its prey or other predators. Pythons have been known to kill their victims by squeezing them. Therefore, the boa constrictor in your dream may represent someone in your life who makes you feel confined or limited, or who may limit you financially or emotionally.

dream about garter snake

If you've been dreaming about garter snakes, you might breathe a sigh of relief. Garter snakes are harmless, so they may represent someone you were wary of at first but later realized is not a threat to you. If you were going to dream about any snake, you'd want it to be this one!

Common Types of Snake Dreams

dozens of snakes
Multiple snakes in a dream may symbolize a poisonous situation.

©Olivier Tabary/Shutterstock.com

Seeing these wriggling snakes while you're asleep is more common than you realize. Many people associate certain sequences and themes in dreams. It is easier for experts to find symbolism in it. Let's take a look at some of the more common snake dreams.

dream of snakes

The number of snakes in the dream is very important, just like the type of snake. Several snakes are symbolic of many harmful people or complex, poisonous scenes. Alternatively, a group of snakes could indicate multiple health problems or a single health problem with multiple components.

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dream of being bitten by a snake

In this case, the snake may be more connected to you than it is to the people in your life, especially in relation to your health. Being bitten by a snake in a dream can have unexpected meanings as it is similar to shooting a doctor.

Therefore, if you were bitten by a snake in your dream, consider whether any physical ailments are beginning to improve or emotional trauma seems to be recovering. A snake bite can also indicate that you have been the target of judgment or the word "bite".

Dream about snake biting acquaintance

If the snake attacked a friend or family member in the dream, that person may have physical or psychological problems. Ask yourself if you can be a snake if you don't think snakes have anything to do with your health.

Have you had a fight with this person recently? Have you created a toxic environment at home or work? How is your relationship with the person who was bitten?

In addition, if the snake attacks the opponent in the dream, you can also be the snake. To dream that snake bites someone you despise may indicate that you intend to uproot them with your own painful insults and sharp comments.

there is a snake in the house

If you find snakes in your home, look for people or stressors that may be dangerous. Also, you can approach it symbolically. Chances are that the toxicity of that horrible person has reached a stage where you bring it on.

dream about snake molt

A snake losing its skin in a dream may represent the need to abandon outdated views in order to make progress. It can also mean embracing a new life as you let go of the old one.

Therefore, the snake represents renewal. Recurring nightmares involving snakes indicate that both parties have the ability to bounce back from one phase to another.

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This also happens in nature, for example, when reptiles shed old skin and grow new ones, or when trees lose their leaves in autumn and then sprout again in spring.

If a person or situation in your life is related to your recurring snake dreams, then watch out for any hints that could mean rebirth. This meaning of snake dream often suggests something like a wake-up call.

dream about snake

smooth snake
Dreaming about snakes for the first time can be unsettling, but you should look at the context.


What does it mean if you suddenly start dreaming about snakes after you've never had one? Dreams involving these reptiles can symbolize anything, including rebirth, bravery, or strength.

If snakes are involved, the background of the dream must be investigated. These animals can reflect all positive and negative aspects of life, like a Rorschach blot. Seeing one in your dream may indicate that your brain is still trying to make sense of everything as it analyzes the events of the previous day.

the bottom line

People often have difficulty understanding what we often mean when we dream about snakes.

It is crucial to understand them from your waking time perspective and avoid viewing them negatively.

Using this information, you will be able to understand your dreams and learn new things about yourself. Probably the most important thing to understand is that dreams about snakes don't automatically indicate that something is amiss or have a bad meaning.

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