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eagle spirit animal symbolism

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Is an eagle your spirit animal?

Adult bald eagles are very large, weighing almost as much as a house cat. But their power extends far beyond physical size. They are also very energetic. Seeing an eagle soar high in the sky can be amazing. They reflect our soul, spirit and life fire. What is the eagle trying to tell you?

Read on to learn about the symbolism and meaning of the eagle spirit animal.

eagle as spirit animal

Bald eagle flying over lake
The eagle spirit beast represents that you are strong and influential.

© Jack Moran/Shutterstock.com

If an eagle is your spirit animal, you have a strong spirit. You may not realize it now, but you are an influencer! Everything you have experienced in life has led to this moment. Don't let your eyes rest on the past. Don't spend too much time worrying about what's coming up. From the eagle's point of view, high above.

what eagles teach us

Eagles know their environment. They see life from a height. Even at an altitude of 1,000 feet, eagles can see their prey. They use a beak designed for crushing and tearing to get what they want. They also know when to look at the big picture and when to zoom in on the details. It's hard to fool the Eagles. What can we learn from the Eagles' path?

These mighty birds of prey taught us agility and focus. Express your true self and find out what you really want. The more your consciousness grows, the more you are open to new possibilities.

Learn about the symbolism of the eagle

The eagle symbolizes spirituality, freedom and self-expression. Eagles are also strongly associated with the element of air. This connection reminds us that we are not just physical beings; we also have spiritual aspects. Our thoughts and intentions make who we are.

What does it mean to see an eagle?

A predator golden eagle with a dangerous appearance
Seeing an eagle could mean it's time to try something new.


Spirit animals and animal symbols are personal. You and a friend can see the same animal at the same time and it still means something different to each of you. Here are some of the most popular explanations:

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Seeing an eagle can remind you to embrace the warmth of life. Text messages from friends, play with your dog, laugh out loud, and enjoy a lot of warmth. In Egyptian hieroglyphs, the eagle represents the soul, spirit and warmth of life.

Seeing an eagle could mean it's time to try something new. Test your talents and fly higher than ever. You may fail, but that's okay. When you are true to your Eagle nature, you can awaken a higher level of healing, spirituality, passion and creativity.

Seeing an eagle could mean that you have a major choice in your life that needs to be decided. Hover over all the possibilities, and listen to your heart with your eagle-eyed insight and wisdom. Seek wise advice from trusted friends and colleagues. Then make a choice with certainty.

Questions to Ask When You See an Eagle

What does the eagle spirit beast want to tell you? Whenever you see an eagle in your dream or waking, try asking yourself a few questions.

  • Is there something in your life that is getting you down?
  • What's the biggest decision you've ever faced?
  • Have you had a spiritual awakening lately?
  • Are you working a lot but struggling financially?

The Eagles have a different message for everyone. After asking these self-discovery questions, quiet yourself down. You'll be impressed with the types of answers that start to surface.

Positive Attributes of Eagle Energy

An African Osprey with a fish in its claws skims across a lake
Positive traits of the Eagle Spirit include bravery and creativity.

©Tomas Drahos/Shutterstock.com

How do you know if an eagle is your spirit animal? Those who identify with Eagle Energy are:

  • high spirits
  • brave
  • Creative
  • Sensible

For better or worse, when you have something to say, you say it. It's against your nature to hide things or pretend everything is fine. Eagles are lively birds of prey; they are not docile or timid at all.

You are the kind of person who is always trying new things, even scary ones. Eagles are brave creatures that can soar high and make bold dives.

Do your friends tell you you have an old soul? Have you always felt comfortable with people older than you? Eagles have ancient wisdom that allows them to survive. If you've always felt like you had an innate way of seeing things, Eagles have something in common with you.

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Are you a visionary? Whether you're a photographer, painter, musician, speaker, writer, or other creative individual, you can relate to the eagle's way of life. Eagles are visionaries, always looking out at the world to see what opportunities lie ahead. In Native American tradition, the eagle carries your message to the spirit world and returns with visions.

Cons of Eagle Energy

While eagle energy has many positive attributes, there are also some potential disadvantages. People who identify with eagle energy may:

  • overbearing
  • impatient
  • arrogant

The eagle is known as the king of the sky for a reason. You and the Eagles both like to be in control and it may be difficult to relinquish control. Eagles are natural leaders, but they can also be bossy. If you always want to take the lead, make sure you give others the chance to shine too.

Are people telling you that you need to learn to slow down? If you're always in a hurry trying to get things done as quickly as possible, you might be impatient. The Eagles are known for their speed and efficiency, but sometimes it's important to take your time.

Like the eagle, you come across as arrogant. You have a lot of confidence, which is great, but make sure you don't let it take over. Remember, you are not better than everyone else; you are just different.

How to Live Like an Eagle

Embrace the positive attributes of your spirit animal and use them to improve your life. Ready to take off? Here's how to live like an eagle:

Eagles are natural leaders, so if you want to rise in your career, start taking charge. Show your boss that you are capable of leading by taking on extra responsibilities at work. If you are self-employed, focus on networking and marketing yourself as an expert in your field. When you put yourself out there, opportunities will come your way.

Eagles are also known for being brave, so if your relationship isn't making you happy, it might be time to run away. Don't be afraid to end things with someone who doesn't treat you the way you deserve. You deserve to be with someone who loves you and respects you.

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Finally, eagles are intelligent creatures that know how to survive. This wisdom can also be applied to your finances. Make sure you plan for a rainy day and invest your money wisely. Eagles are creatures of habit, so once you find a financial plan that works for you, stick to it.

similar spirit animals

When an eagle is your spirit animal, you'll find it easy to make friends. This is especially true when those friends have spirit animals to praise.

While the eagle is your spirit animal, you might also identify with these other powerful animals:

  • eagle
  • vulture
  • falcon

You can have more than one spirit animal. If you're looking for a more active spirit animal, the eagle is a good choice. Eagles are also powerful predators and can spot prey from great heights.

anti spirit beast

There are some spirit animals that may be against eagles, depending on your lifestyle. These spirit animals include:

  • turkey
  • Duck
  • chicken

While these animals may not be as much predators as hawks, they can still offer some sage advice. If you find yourself bossy or arrogant, a turkey can teach you humility. Ducks can also help you slow down and enjoy life instead of rushing. Finally, the chicken can show you the importance of teamwork.

Get in touch with your inner eagle

Bald eagle perched on the water
Get in touch with your inner eagle by relaxing and spending your time wisely.


If the eagle has already entered your life, it's time to soar to new heights. Connecting with your inner eagle can be fun, and there are many ways to do it.

Here are some activities to help you tune into your eagle's energy:

perch for an hour

Hunting is only a small part of an eagle's life. They are very good at fetching food, and eagles can take their time to relax. Embody the way the Eagles spend their time wisely by scheduling their downtime this week.

see like a hawk

It's time for you to see the world through eagle eyes. Go to a state park with an observation tower or lookout tower. Grab a pair of binoculars and look out over the land.

spread your wings

A bald eagle's wingspan can be over seven feet long! Spread your wings like an eagle to move around and occupy space. Mimicking the movements of animals is a great way to enter a new mental space. Cuddle your eagle spirit animal and feel your free spirit grow.

Choose the eagle as your spiritual guide

The eagle is a powerful bird of prey that symbolizes courage, strength and wisdom. Let the wisdom of the eagle guide you on the journey of life. If you've experienced a loss or setback recently, soar to new heights with an eagle's mindset. Overcome challenges and move on with your life. You can do it!


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