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English Cream Golden Retriever Facts

interesting fact
Although their coat color can become very light, golden retrievers never have pure white coats.
Smart and obedient

English Cream Golden Retrievers as Pets:

general health
energy level
chewing tendency
family and kid friendly

separation anxiety
preferred temperature
average climate
exercise needs
be friendly with other dogs
Thoroughbred Cost of Ownership
$1,500 – $2,500
pack of dogs
male weight
50-75 lbs
female weight
45-70 lbs

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The English Cream Golden Retriever is not a registered breed, but that hasn't stopped it from being very popular. You can find light-colored golden retriever puppies sold under the guise of white, silver, and even platinum golden retriever. Remember to check the pedigree and don't buy from a breeder who chooses coat color over physical fitness.

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If you love golden retrievers but want a unique breed, the English Cream Golden Retriever is a good consideration. This unofficial breed refers to the English Golden Retriever, which has a particularly light coat and is growing in popularity.

As the full name suggests, the English Creamery is a species of Golden Retriever, a dog originally bred in Scotland as a hunting dog. The dog's ancestors were the (now extinct) Tweed Water Spaniel and the Wavy Golden Retriever. Lord Tweedmouth was the breeder from 1840-1890. He wanted a dog that could handle rainy climates and rough terrain. The English Cream Dog was recognized by the Kennel Club of Great Britain in 1911.

English Cream Golden Retrievers are happy and intelligent dogs that are easy to train. If you use a reputable breeder, you will be able to find a puppy that is beautiful, unique, and full of personality.

Owning an English Cream Golden Retriever: 3 Pros and Cons

advantage! shortcoming!
Intelligent Disposition: Golden Retrievers are known for being intelligent, loyal, and easy to train, and the English Cream breed is no exception. Buying Questions: Finding a reputable breeder is the most important thing. In general, look for a healthy English Golden Retriever; then, choose a puppy with a light coat.
Physical Fitness: English Golden Retrievers tend to be healthier than American Golden Retrievers. Whether true or not, statistics show that people of British descent are less prone to cancer. Moulting: Golden Retriever puppies tend to darken in color as they age. In some cases, a dog you think is an English cream may darken to an equally lovely, but less rare, golden.
Distinctive Color: Golden Retrievers are known for their rich coat color. British breeds almost always have lighter coat colors, with true English cream being the lightest. Separation Anxiety: All Golden Retrievers experience separation anxiety. To minimize destructive behavior, consider keeping your dog in a kennel when you are away from home for extended periods of time.
Beautiful english cream golden retriever playing in the park.
The beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever is a medium-sized dog with a very light, almost white coat.

©Victoria Shequin/Shutterstock.com

size and weight

The English Cream Spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a shaggy light blond coat. Most British creams weigh between 45-75 lbs and are between 20-24 inches tall. Male golden retrievers are generally taller and heavier than female golden retrievers, but the difference is not huge.

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Health and Recreation for the English Cream Golden Retriever

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height (male) 21-24 inches
height (female) 20-23 inches
weight (male) 50-75 lbs
weight (female) 45-70 lbs

common health problems

Although English Cream Spaniels are generally healthier than their American counterparts, both bloodlines face the same health issues. Most Golden Retrievers are prone to joint dysplasia, eye problems and cancer. Ask your veterinarian to check:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • retinal problems
  • cancer
  • heart problems
  • food allergy
  • Skin allergies


An English cream golden retriever plays outside in the snow.
An English Cream Golden Retriever enjoys playing outside.

© davisdeatonphotography/Shutterstock.com

The English Cream Spaniel has an intelligent and loyal personality. These dogs are sweet, loving, obedient and attentive. You can expect your Golden Retriever to obey your commands and enjoy being with you at family events.

Like most Golden Retrievers, the English Cream Dog loves to play, swim, run, and generally spend time outdoors. These dogs need space to move around; if they don't have a way to expend energy, they may start engaging in destructive behaviors. Make sure your Cream of English has access to the yard, and remember to take them for long walks each day.

best dog food

Golden Retrievers love to eat, which means they have a tendency to gain weight if their diet is not supervised. Look for high-quality kibble that is high in protein, and feed it in moderate amounts as recommended by your veterinarian. If your dog is displaying destructive behavior, he may be consuming too many calories and his portion sizes should be reduced.

Allergies can occur in English Cream Golden Retrievers, so it is wise to have a dog food specially formulated for allergies.

Especially for English Cream Golden Retrievers with skin or food allergies, Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete Environmental, Skin & Food Sensitivities Dry Dog Food Veterinary Diet is a good choice.

Dog owners overwhelmingly trust Hill's Prescription Diet to address allergies and protect heart health with high-quality ingredients.

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Best Premium Choice

Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete Dry Dog Food

  • May help dogs showing visible skin improvement with food sensitivities.
  • May help improve nighttime scratching and improve sleep quality in some dogs.
  • Helps support the skin barrier against environmental irritants all year round.
  • Contains a single source of animal protein.
  • Bioactives and phytonutrients can help normalize the immune response.

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Maintenance and Grooming

English cream golden retriever outside on the grass, smiling and happy.
English Cream Golden Retrievers need daily brushing and lots of exercise.

©Olga Bogatyrenko/Shutterstock.com

Golden retrievers shed a lot, and British breeds are no exception. Your dog will shed less if you brush his teeth daily and groom him regularly. You should also bathe your dog once a month, trim his nails, and check his ears for signs of infection.


Golden Retrievers are easy to train and love to learn new commands. Start working with your new puppy as soon as possible to build a strong bond with him. After teaching the basic commands, look for tricks and activities that will help keep your dog interested. Remember to hold regular review sessions so your dog doesn't forget everything he's learned.


Golden Retrievers are used to an active lifestyle. If your dog doesn't get enough exercise, it may end up engaging in destructive behaviors. Start by making sure your dog has access to a yard or other large space to run around. Then, keep them busy with long walks, playtime, or even trips where they can swim safely.


English cream golden retriever puppy posing on white background.
British Cream Golden Retriever puppies are cute, but they may darken in color as they mature.


English cream puppies are sweet and charming. One thing many owners have noticed is that golden retriever puppies tend to darken in color as they age; even if you choose a puppy with an extra light coat, when the tits are fully grown, you may Discovering that tits are no longer real British cream. Because of this, you should choose a loving dog and let the genetics determine its ultimate color.


English Cream Golden Retrievers are playful, loyal, and attentive. While they do well with older children and are great family dogs, it's unwise to leave any Golden Retriever alone with young children, especially if they're too young to understand canine boundaries. Keep an eye on your Cream of England, and if you find it tired or irritable, take it out of the situation.

similar dog

Many people looking to buy an English Cream Golden Retriever are interested in a unique coat color or slightly altered personality traits. If you want a similar dog, consider getting a golden retriever mix or one of the many breeds of Labrador.

  • Labrador Retriever – If you prefer the light coat of the English Cream Golden Retriever, consider a white or golden Labrador.
  • Golden Shepherd – The Golden Shepherd is a majestic cross breed with an excellent personality.
  • Goldendoodle – Poodle hybrids are generally hypoallergenic, and Goldendoodles are no exception. With their beautiful golden curly fur, these pets are as sweet as they are pleasing to the eye.
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Popular names for the English Cream Golden Retriever include:

  • betty
  • Casper
  • glacier
  • mayo
  • Shiro
  • sunny
  • lily
  • winter
  • willow
  • Angel
  • avalanche
  • biscuit

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English Cream Golden Retriever FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is an English Cream Golden Retriever?

The English Cream Golden Retriever is a golden retriever of British origin with a light coat. The breed is not officially recognized by any kennel club, which means that many breeders may claim to sell English Cream Golden Retrievers without much oversight. However, all English Cream Golden Retrievers can technically still be registered as Common Golden Retrievers, so be sure to ask for pedigree information before purchasing.

What's the Difference Between a Golden Retriever and an English Cream Golden Retriever?

Although all Golden Retrievers are of British origin, deviations from the American and English Kennel Club standards have resulted in two recognizable origins. English Golden Retrievers tend to have rounder eyes, wider heads, a stronger build, and in some cases, lighter coats. The casual term "English Cream Golden Retriever" often refers to English Golden Retrievers with exceptionally light coats; however, it is worth noting that responsible breeders choose health over coat color.

How much does it cost to own an English Cream Golden Retriever?

The average price for a purebred Golden Retriever typically ranges from $1,500 to $2,500, especially if the dog is the offspring of a champion bloodline. Since light-colored coats often disqualify a golden retriever as a show dog, you can often find English cream golden retrievers for sale at lower prices. If you're looking for a Golden Retriever with a low adoption fee, don't forget to check out your local animal rescue organizations.

Is an English Cream Golden Retriever good with kids?

All breeds of Golden Retrievers are considered good choices as family dogs. While they can be playful and even cute, remember that these dogs are large and like to respect their boundaries. Keep an eye on your Golden Retriever, and if you notice them getting tired or irritable, remove them from social situations.

How Long Do English Cream Golden Retrievers Live?

English Golden Retrievers tend to live slightly longer than American Golden Retrievers. In general, your English Cream Golden Retriever can expect to live between 12 and 14 years, especially if you take them to the vet on a regular basis.

Are English Cream Golden Retrievers cooler?

English Golden Retrievers tend to have a slightly more composed personality than American Golden Retrievers. However, the difference is very small and has absolutely nothing to do with coat color. If anyone is selling an English Cream Golden Retriever, keep in mind that this subbreed is not officially recognized by any kennel club and does not have any guaranteed personality traits other than the average Golden Retriever.

Are English Cream Golden Retrievers Good Dogs?

The English Cream Golden Retriever is not particularly different from other golden retrievers. These dogs are smart, obedient, cute, and even playful. With proper attention and training, your English Cream Golden Retriever could become your best friend for life.

Are English Cream Golden Retrievers Worth the Higher Price?

Both American and British Kennel Clubs expect purebred Golden Retrievers to have different shades of golden coats. If the coat is so light that it approaches white, the dog may be rejected for consideration. Because of this, some breeders may try to sell the English Cream Golden Retriever as a special breed. These dogs are not worth more than other purebred Golden Retrievers, and in many cases you should pay less than you would for a dog with a registered pedigree.

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