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When they see rabbits, partridges, or other small prey, English Pointers straighten their tails and lift their paws off the ground.

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English Pointers were bred to accompany their owners on hunting trips. When they spot rabbits, birds, foxes, or other game, these dogs will stand still with their tails sticking out straight. This is a sure sign to their owners that they have found their prey. The English Pointer is considered a descendant of the Bloodhound, Foxhound, and Greyhound. They are members of the sports group.

Although these dogs were bred for hunting and pointing, they are excellent choices for family dogs. They have a sweet disposition and enjoy spending time with their family, including children. The only factor to keep in mind is that these canines need a lot of exercise on a daily basis in order to maintain their physical and mental health.

8 different types of pointer combinations in English

Here are 8 popular pointer combinations in English:

  • Pointer Pit- English Pointer and Bulldog
  • Beagle Point- English Pointer and Beagle
  • Pudelpointer – English Pointer and Poodle
  • Corgi Pointer- English Pointer and Corgi
  • Pointollie or Border Point- English Pointer & Border Collie
  • American Gointer- English Pointer and Golden Retriever
  • English Sprointer- English Pointer and English Springer Spaniel
  • Lab Pointer – English Pointer and Labrador Retriever

3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Having an English Pointer

advantage! shortcoming!
A Simple Grooming Routine <br>The short coat of this dog only needs to be brushed every day or two. Needs a lot of exercise <br>This energetic dog needs at least 60 minutes of exercise daily.
Low Shedding <br>English Pointers shed very little. Prey driven <br>These dogs were bred to hunt, so they need to be observed around the home's pet rabbits, birds, etc.
Gentle Temperament <br>These dogs enjoy being cuddled with their owners on the couch as much as they love running around outdoors. Stubborn Streak <br>This dog has been known to be independent and sometimes stubborn. This can make obedience training a challenge.
English pointer jumps into the water in the swamp.
English coaches are amazing athletes.

©Jelena Safronova/Shutterstock.com

size and weight

These are medium to large dogs with a short coat. English Pointer males can reach an adult weight of 75 pounds, while adult females can reach 65 pounds. Males can grow up to 28 inches while females can grow up to 26 inches. An 8 week old English Pointer weighs about 7 lbs. They are considered fully grown between 18 months and 2 years of age.

Health and Recreation for English Teachers

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height (male) 28 inches tall
height (female) 26 inches tall
weight (male) 75 pounds, fully grown
weight (female) 65 lbs, fully grown

common health problems

This photo shows the British pointer before and after wart removal.


Most dogs have some common health problems, and the English Pointer is no exception. One of these problems is hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia occurs when the ball and socket of the hip joint don't fit together in the correct way. This can cause it to limp, jump or run in an awkward fashion. Physical therapy, supplements, weight loss, and surgery are all possible treatments for this condition. The specific treatment needed depends on the severity of hip dysplasia.

The second common health problem is called bloating. This is when a dog's stomach fills with fluid, gas, or even food. This can cause a twisted stomach, which is very dangerous to the dog's health. Dogs suffering from swelling must be treated immediately by a veterinarian.

Another health problem with these dogs is cataracts. Cataracts appear as clouding of one or both eyes in dogs. Some dogs live reasonably well with cataracts, while others suffer from severe blindness that requires surgery. The most common health problems with this dog include:

  • hip dysplasia
  • expand
  • cataract

Temperament and Behavior

Red and white English pointer running on the field.
British Pointers are unbelievably fast runners and they love doing it!

©Anna Pozzi – Zoophotos/Shutterstock.com

English Pointers were bred to be hunting dogs, so energetic is an understatement in their behavior! They love to run, jump, and play with their family. These dogs are friendly and enjoy being around other dogs.

Intelligence is one of the most attractive traits of this dog. Although these dogs can display stubborn behavior at times, they are receptive to obedience training sessions. Families interested in an intelligent, energetic dog with a sweet temperament will likely be satisfied with the English Pointer.

How to maintain the English pointer

English pointer (5 months) in front of a white background.
English Pointers need a lot of outdoor time to be happy.


Whether someone is looking to buy an English Pointer puppy or adopt an adult from a rescue, it's important to know everything about the breed. Knowing the dog's health, grooming, dietary and exercise requirements can help owners take care of their pet as well as possible.

Best Dog Food for English Pointers

English Pointer Adults and puppies require different types and amounts of nutrients for optimal health. This means that providing your English Pointer with a diet that includes certain nutrients can help prevent some common health problems. So look at some information to keep in mind:

English Pointer Puppy Food : Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA support this puppy's brain and vision development. Lean protein supports healthy muscles, tissues and joints. Protein is especially important in the diet of dogs prone to hip dysplasia. Lots of calcium to support your growing puppy's bones. The fat in this puppy's diet gives it the energy it needs to run, jump and explore.

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English Pointer Adult Dog Food : Lean protein from chicken or fish helps maintain healthy muscles and joints. Vitamin A supports eye health and helps fight cataracts. Calcium is needed to maintain strong bones and teeth. Vitamin C supports the immune system of adult dogs. A limited amount of fat in their diet can provide these pets with much-needed energy without adding extra fat to their lean bodies.

AZ Animals ' choice for the best dog food for English Pointer is Merrick Classic Healthy Grains with Real Meat Dry Dog Food.

Salmon and brown rice recipes are perfect for British pointers, as real fish provides natural omega benefits for head-to-toe health. Plus, the food contains supplemental glucosamine and chondroitin, which keep joints in good shape and fight hip dysplasia. Finally, carrots are great for eye health, as this variety can suffer from cataracts, and taurine has a double benefit for the heart and eyes.

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best dry food

Merrick Classic Healthy Multigrain Real Chicken + Brown Rice

  • Dry food for dogs with healthy grains and chicken.
  • With real boneless chicken as the first ingredient.
  • Contains high content of omega fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Includes essential vitamins, minerals, brown rice and ancient grains like quinoa to aid digestion.
  • Made in Hereford, Texas and cooked in the USA.

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Maintenance and Grooming

How much hair does an English pointer shed? These Pointers shed a small amount of hair. Additionally, they have short coats that require grooming every day or two. A rubber grooming brush can be used to remove knots or small tangles from this dog's coat. This reaches the brush's rubber bristles into this dog's thin coat without scratching or harming the underlying skin. Grooming gloves are another valuable tool that allow owners to easily brush a Pointer without missing any spots.

British pointers are prone to a skin condition called atopic dermatitis. This condition can be caused by environmental allergies. Dogs may be sensitive to pollen, dust, or other floating debris. A dog with atopic dermatitis typically spends a lot of time biting and scratching its skin. Red and dry skin patches are other signs of this condition. A veterinarian can help owners identify the source of the allergies and recommend treatment.


British pointer takes a pheasant on the hunt.
The English Pointer is one of the best dog breeds to train for hunting.

©VP Photo Studio/Shutterstock.com

The intelligence of the English Pointer is a bonus when it comes to obedience training. However, many of these dogs are stubborn, which can become a stumbling block in the training process. Therefore, the owner who trains the British Pointing Dog must be patient and persistent. The good part is, once this dog has learned his lesson, he won't forget it!

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The retriever is another intelligent canine that can be difficult to train due to their strong, independent nature.


One of the main things to remember about this dog is that it needs 60 minutes or more of daily exercise. Going for a run in the fields or woods is good for your physical and mental health. Going to the dog park or playing a game of chase or fetch in the backyard is a great way to give this dog proper exercise.

This pointing dog is common in agility, sporting activities, and canine competitions. One sport it excels at is called tracking. This physical activity requires dogs to follow specific scents. Another physical activity that English Pointers love is agile jumping. Despite their size, these dogs are agile and light on their feet.

Due to their size and activity, the English Pointer is not a good pet for apartment dwellers.


One consideration for English Pointer puppies has to do with socialization. It's best to socialize the puppies so they get used to knowing that the human is the boss! This makes it a little easier when obedience training sessions begin.

Cute english pointer puppy pointing at prey.
Pointer puppies are already able to perform the eponymous signal at a few months old.

©Nathan Claburn/Shutterstock.com

English pointer and children

Types of pointer dogs
Since pointers are bred only to locate prey rather than retrieve them, they imbue them with a calm demeanor that is great for children.

©Anna Pozzi – Zoophotos/Shutterstock.com

Social English pointers are good for children. They are mild-tempered and have a reputation for being lovable.

similar species

Portrait of a hunting dog lying on fallen leaves
The Bloodhound is much larger than the English Pointer, but has a similar personality.

© Pleple2000/Creative Commons

Similar breeds to the English Pointer include retrievers, greyhounds, and Labmaraners.

  • Bloodhound—Like the English Setter, the Bloodhound is noted for its gentle temperament and intelligence. However, retrievers are heavier than English Pointers.
  • Greyhound – The Greyhound is about the same size as the English Pointer and both have docile dispositions. But greyhounds are less suitable for young children because their skin is delicate and can be easily injured.
  • Labmaraner – Labmaraners are intelligent retrievers like the English Pointer with lots of energy. However, English Pointers have more coat color variation than Labmaraners.

Popular names for pointers in English include:

  • Kimberly
  • Cheyenne
  • jenna
  • Cleo
  • Jeter
  • Gizmo
  • grown ups
  • ruby
  • Archie
  • black pepper

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The initial cost of purchasing an English Pointer puppy from a breeder is about $1100. There are also English Pointer rescues that charge a small adoption fee for their dogs. For families looking to obtain an English Pointer at a lower cost, contacting a rescue organization is a good option.

Veterinary services can range from $500 to $700 per year.

The fingertip dog's monthly food bill ranges from $50 to $140.

Yes, social English pointers are great for kids.

Their lifespan is 12 to 17 years.

Yes, these dogs make great pets as long as they are given proper daily exercise.

No, these dogs don't bark very often.

The English pointer is shaking for various reasons. First, they have a thin coat and are particularly sensitive to low temperatures. That's why they do better in warmer climates. Or, they may shake because they are afraid or suffer from separation anxiety. Additionally, these dogs sometimes tremble with excitement. It all depends on what is going on and the circumstances.

They are relatively easy to train.

Train your English proctor in one place with few distractions. They are prey driven, so if they see a bird or rabbit, they are quickly distracted. Also, these dogs can be stubborn, so it's best to be patient and persistent when training them.

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