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Explore 15 of the world's smallest islands (one of which has a tiny house!)

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There are approximately 900,000 islands in the world. Norway and Sweden each have about 230,000, while Japan and Chile have about 6,000 each.

Islands have their own special charm and appeal. After all, who hasn't dreamed of their own island vacation? No wonder everyone wants to know what the smallest island in the world is. That's why you're reading this article, right?

Well, don't worry. These are some of the 15 smallest islands in the world. We cover everything from island nations to inhabited and uninhabited islands. Then we will dive to some small islands which are known for their small size.

15 smallest islands in the world

What are the smallest islands in the world?

The world is full of islands, to say the least. Not all of these have been discovered or documented. The definition of the concept doesn't help either. Every piece of land surrounded by water is an island – ambiguous, right?

That's why it's hard to make a list of the real smallest islands in the world . The smallest of the smallest islands may not even have been discovered yet! Also, what counts as a floating island, do small atolls stick out just above the island?

Below we document a few contenders for the crown. One has been recognized by the United Nations, while the other holds the title of the smallest inhabited island in the world.

1. An island with enough room

island with just enough room
Just Room Enough Island is a surreal vista of the St. Lawrence River.


Area (square miles) Place population
3,300 square feet (0.0001 square miles) U.S. family owned

Just Room Enough is the smallest inhabited island in the world. It was purchased by a wealthy family as a vacation home in the 1950's. There is a house, a tree, bushes and a small beach. It's so small that one step in the wrong direction will send you swimming.

This contender for the world's smallest island is located in the St. Lawrence River. If you want to do more than visit Just Enough Room Island, it's part of a chain of 1,864 islands with hotels, campgrounds and plenty of other places to soak up the summer sun and have fun on the water.

2. Simping Island

simpin i.
Simping Island is located in Indonesia.

© – License

Area (square miles) Place population
1.23 acres (0.0019 sq mi) Indonesia 0

Simping Island, the smallest uninhabited island in the world, is only 1.23 acres. You might wonder how , out of the 900,000 or so islands in the world, including tiny outcrops, this one earned this title. The simple answer is that its claim to be the smallest island in the world has been recognized by the United Nations. The second contender for the world's smallest island is located on the northern outskirts of the city of Singkawang. Due to their popularity, guided tours are available.

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Coral reefs surround the island. There are also some trees on the island. Tourists can swim in the water as it is usually calm.

13 other small islands in the world

Below is a list of the other 13 smallest islands in the world. They may not be the smallest , but for reasons we'll explore, they're both small and fun!

3. Dangar Island

dangar i.
Dangar Island is a small island near Sydney with a rich colonial, Aboriginal and natural history.

©Taras Vyshnya/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
0.1 square miles Australia 303

Dangar Island is a small island near Sydney with a rich colonial, Aboriginal and natural history. The carvings and rock shelters scattered throughout the island are proof. Visitors can easily get there by ferry from Brooklyn.

The island has 1.8 miles of coastline, cafes, shops, bowling club and community hall. The Hawkesbury River is home to a wide variety of fish. Dangar Island and its surroundings are home to over 100 species of animals and over 90 species of plants.

4. Wizard Island

Spirit Island
Wizard Island is located in Oregon.

©Tami Freed/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
0.49 Oregon

Wizard Island isn't quite an island, but an ash cone west of Crater Lake in Oregon. William Gladstone Steel was responsible for naming the crater " Witches Cauldron " and the island itself.

The island is the tallest cone above the lake, formed by a small volcanic eruption. The violent eruption of Mount Mazama created the caldera where Wizard Island is today.

Wizard Island presents wonderful and unique opportunities for hikers. It has two hiking trails that cover the entire island.

5. Blair Island

blair i.
Brier Island is made up of five hills that are constantly blown by the wind.

© Neil Dugan/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
0.51 isles of scilly 84

Bryher is part of the British Isles of Scilly. The island consists of five hills that are constantly blown by the wind. The south includes sandy beaches, and the west is home to large pools of salt water.

Three sites of special scientific interest can be found on the island. Two of these are located in the southern part of the island and are home to rare plants such as dwarf pansies. At Bryher, bird watchers can find seven bird species (black herons, saberbills, herring gulls, and more)

6. Isle of Mujeres

Isle of Mujeres
Isla Mujeres is located in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

© Darren Tierney/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
1.62 Caribbean (Mexico) 12,642 people

Isla Mujeres is located in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The island's east coast opens to the Caribbean Sea, while the west overlooks the Cancun skyline. Despite its large population, the island has fine beaches and lush forests, mainly on the southernmost tip of the island.

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Punta Sur Park is the perfect place for nature and history lovers. It is home to Mayan ruins, cliffs, trails and iguanas. Snorkelers and divers will have a great time discovering the world's largest underwater sculpture project at Isla Mujeres.

7. Baltrum

baltrum i.
Baltrum is located in Germany.

©Anja B. Schaefer/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
2.5 Germany 496

Baltrum Island is located off the East Frisian coast of Germany. It is part of the seven (inhabited) island chain of the East Frisian Islands. Baltrum is the smallest permanently inhabited island in the chain.

Visitors come to Baltrum to enjoy the countryside of Lower Saxony's Wadden Sea National Park. The observation deck on the central coastal dunes puts you 63 feet above sea level and offers views of most of the island.

8. Sea Lion Island

Sea Lion Island - Falkland Islands
Sea Lion Island is characterized by cliffs in the southwest and sandy bays in the east.

©Vladislav T. Jirousek/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
3.49 falkland islands

Sea Lion Island is part of the Sea Lion Group of Islands located in the territory of the Falkland Islands. It is characterized by cliffs to the southwest and sandy bays to the east. There are many kinds of waterfowl and seabirds on the island, and it has been designated as an Important Bird Sanctuary. Bird watchers can spot gentoo, red-headed geese, Falkland duck and southern rockhopper penguins.

The Tierra del Fuego is one of 56 species of flowering plants on the island. Sea Lion Island is a breeding ground for southern elephant seals and southern sea lions.

9. Suvaro Atoll

suwaro atoll
Suwarrow Atoll is a hotspot for megafauna lovers as it is home to turtles, manta rays, humpback whales and sharks.


Area (square miles) Place population
3.78 Pacific Ocean 2

Suvaro Atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Cook Islands. Corral Atoll consists of 20 small islands and a central lagoon. These small islands have unique flora and fauna.

The island has shrubs, herbs and beach heliotrope. The Big Island is home to the tou, a flowering evergreen. Birdwatchers can spot red-tailed tropical birds and small frigatebirds. Suwarrow Atoll is a designated Important Bird Sanctuary.

The island is a hotspot for megafauna lovers as it is home to turtles, manta rays, humpback whales and sharks.

10. Monhegan

monhagen i.
Monhegan Island has more water than land.


Area (square miles) Place population
4.49 U.S. 54

Monhegan Island Plantation is located in Lincolnshire, Maine. Accessible by boat from Boothbay Harbour. In 1966, the island was designated a National Natural Landmark for its coastal and island flora.

Monhegan Island actually has more water than land, with 0.9 square miles of land and 3.7 square miles of water. Visitors are free to explore most of the island. It has 17 miles of hiking trails leading to cliffs and through woods. Cathedral Woods is home to the island's fairy houses , tiny houses built from materials found in the forest.

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11. Fula

foura i.
Fula is home to great skuas, red-throated divers and arctic terns.

©tony mills/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
4.88 Scotland (UK) 30

The Isle of Fulla is the most remote island in the United Kingdom. It can be found in the Scottish Shetland Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. In the west, the island is dominated by cliffs, while in the east it consists of low cliffs. The Gaada Stack is a natural arch located to the north.

Bird watchers mainly visit the island. Fula is home to great skuas, red-throated divers and arctic terns. Bird watching tourism is one of Fula's main sources of income, along with sheep farming.

12. Saba

saba island
Saba is a Caribbean island located north of the Leeward Islands and south of the Virgin Islands.

©John HancockPhoto/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
5.0 Lesser Antilles (Netherlands) 1,933

Saba is a Caribbean island located north of the Leeward Islands and south of the Virgin Islands. It is a special municipality in the Netherlands. Mount Scenery is a potentially active volcano that occupies most of Saba Island. The terrain is dominated by mountains.

The island has a cloud forest mainly composed of mountain mahogany. The island is home to 60 species of birds, including the largest flock of red-billed tropical birds. Saba Shoals, the largest submarine atoll in the Atlantic Ocean, is just 2.7 miles to the southwest.

13. Cocos Islands

cocoa island
The Cocos Islands are home to 35 species of birds.

© Travel2Sea.com/Shutterstock.com

Area (square miles) Place population
5.4 Indian Ocean (Australia) 596

The Cocos Islands consist of 25 coral islands that form two atolls. Only two of the 25 islands are currently inhabited. These islands are located in the Indian Ocean between Australia and Sri Lanka.

There are 61 species of native plants in the Cocos Islands, and 69 species have been introduced so far. The southern island is home to coconut plantations, while the northern part is part of Plukirin National Park. The Cocos Islands and surrounding areas are home to 35 species of birds (yellow-bellied sandpiper, jungle fowl), two types of mammals (dugong, bottlenose dolphin), four types of reptiles (gecko, sea snake) and more than 500 species of fish.

14. Lord Howe Island

lord howe i.
Lord Howe Island is known to naturalists for its diverse landscape, marine basalts, coral reefs and seabirds.


Area (square miles) Place population
5.61 Australia 347

Lord Howe Island is located in the Tasman Sea between New Zealand and Australia. The west coast of the island features a protected coral reef lagoon, while the south is dominated by lush hills. The island is part of a group of 28 islands.

Lord Howe Island is a World Heritage Site and consists of untouched forest. It is well known among naturalists for its diverse landforms, marine basalts, coral reefs and seabirds. It features untouched flora, stunning basalt and layered calcareous landscapes.

Only 400 people can visit Lord Howe Island at a time.

15. Fox Island

fox island
Fox Island is located between Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains.


Area (square miles) Place population
6.4 U.S. 3,918 people

Fox Island is located in Pierce County, Washington. It was named " Fox" in honor of an assistant surgeon, JL Fox, during the American Expeditionary Expedition from 1838 to 1842. The total area is 6.4 square miles, including 1.2 square miles of water and 5.2 square miles of land.

The island is rich in wildlife and marshes, described by cartoonist Gary Larson as fantastic. Fox Island is located between Mount Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. It has a pier on the north side. Fishing and scuba diving are the main activities here.


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