How To Draw A Bow And Arrow For Kids

Hello i wanna show you how to draw a bow and arrow, follow some steps to draw a bow. hope you will do it after read this instruction. let’s go:

Step 1: Sketch the bow’s front outline at first.

Step 2: Draw out the bow’s opposite outline.

Step 3: Draw the bowstring using two straight lines.

Step 4: Use another straight line to draw the arrow’s shaft.

Step 5: Draw the arrow’s fletch and head (or point).

Step 6: Take your favorite colors and start your sketch painting.

Bow is one of the oldest types of firearms that originated more than 10,000 years ago. Scientists have found images of archers on rock paintings and ancient Egyptian bas-reliefs. The creation of a bow is a very complicated process of technology owned by ancient gunsmiths. Hunters in the Far North and nomads in Mongolia still use bows.

So came to an end the sketching guide on how to draw children’s bow and arrow. Do not forget to share this lesson in social networks and subscribe to us.

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