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Jacked Kangaroo: How strong is the buff kangaroo?

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Jacked Kangaroos are Australia's iconic animals, known for their incredible jumping abilities and adorable baby kangaroos in their pouches.

They are large animals, with the largest males weighing up to 200 pounds.

Male kangaroos often engage in brutal boxing matches and fierce battles for dominance, and may occasionally encounter a real kangaroo.

These super-burly kangaroos are certainly impressive (and intimidating), but why are they so strong?

Join us as we discover just how strong the buff, jacked kangaroo really is!

Why do kangaroos look so bullish?

Kangaroos are large animals, the red kangaroo is the largest kangaroo, but sometimes a very, very buff kangaroo appears. The most famous wallaby is named Roger and we'll have a closer look at him below, but for now enjoy a video of this furry kangaroo!

Red kangaroos are muscular – a broad, muscular chest and strong, muscular arms. They are usually male and are often the dominant kangaroo in the group. But what makes a kangaroo with kangaroos so robust?


Kangaroos have a unique and distinctive gait, they hop to get around, and the way they do it naturally gives them really nice muscles. This is because kangaroos use their hind legs and large hind feet to use their muscles and tendons to power their locomotion. Kangaroos use the Achilles tendons that run along their hind legs to generate energy for jumping.

Each time they jump, their tendons and ligaments stretch and provide energy. This is released when their muscles contract, forcing their legs away from their body – like a giant spring.

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Kangaroos travel miles every day in search of food. They cover an average of 25 to 30 feet per jump, and can also jump up to 10 feet in the air if needed. Doing all of these jumps while supporting a massive body means kangaroos need to have really good leg muscles, and jumping these distances helps their development very quickly.


Kangaroo male boxing lake shore
It's the perfect workout to build muscle while the kangaroos fight!

© Breathe/Shutterstock.com

Jacked Kangaroos are not entirely peaceful animals and skirmishes and fights often occur between them. However, the biggest fights take place between the males. These battles can be bloody and brutal, and the strongest, healthiest, most resilient kangaroo is usually the winner.

Fighting between men is known as a boxing match, and – like a real boxing match – it proves to be the perfect workout. Males fight each other, push each other, and punch and kick each other like boxers. They also attack with super sharp front claws.

Jacked Kangaroos also perform a unique "kickbox" maneuver, kicking their opponents with their hind legs while balancing on their tails. These moves mean they are using all their muscles and are basically exercising as they fight.

After all, the more active they are, the more muscles they work. Not only that, but the strongest male is usually the one who wins the fight.

So it pays off to be the strongest and most muscular you can be!


Fighting, as we just established, means that kangaroos develop very strong bodies. However, the main reason males fight is for dominance and access to females. The dominant male is usually the only kangaroo to mate with the females in the mob, so if he wins all the fights then he gets the ladies.

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Not only that, but research has shown that female kangaroos are actually attracted to the most muscular, muscular males.

So, all that exercise does have benefits!

Buff, how strong are the Jacked Kangaroos?

Biggest Kangaroo - Buff Kangaroo
Buff kangaroos are usually the largest and strongest males.

© Life Under the Stars/Shutterstock.com

Kangaroos, like buff people, tend to be the strongest around. As we've just explained, kangaroos can develop into super muscular individuals through fighting, which proves to be key. This is because buff kangaroos are muscular and have great muscle strength, often overwhelming their opponents in a fight.

This means that not only can he take all the blows his opponents can throw, but he can push, grab and kick with enough force to win a fight. When a kangaroo can win all the fights, he is proving his strength to all the other kangaroos. This means that buff kangaroos often become the males of the mob.

Dominant males have access to females and have the right to mate with them.

Red kangaroos are the species most likely to be buffed, and they possess immense strength. In fact, a red kangaroo can generate an incredible 759 pounds of force with just one kick! In addition to being able to inflict serious damage with its kicks, the buff kangaroo has been known to smash metal with its bare hands, which is pretty impressive.

They also have an impact force of approximately 275 lbs . Kangaroos also have powerful jaws with a bite force of up to 925 PS I – that's the same bite force as a grizzly bear!

most hijacked kangaroo

Kangaroos in Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand National Park, near Esperance, Western Australia
Buff kangaroos can even crush metal with their bare hands.

© anek.soowannaphoom/Shutterstock.com

One of the most muscular kangaroos in the world is a kangaroo named Roger – affectionately known as 'Ripped Rodger'. Roger was a male red kangaroo who lived in the kangaroo sanctuary in Alice Springs, Australia, until his death in 2018 at the age of 12. Like many other kangaroos that ended up in the sanctuary, Roger was a wallaby when he was found in his dead mother's pouch. Got hit by a car. Rodger was rescued by Chris Barns, who ran the shelter and raised Rodger from a small orphan. No one knew what kind of muscular buff kangaroo he would be.

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As Roger began to mature and grow, he quickly developed an extremely muscular physique, earning him his nickname. He is 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighs a whopping 200 pounds. Roger quickly became the dominant male of the sanctuary and was able to easily defeat any young challenger with his massive muscles and incredible strength.

Images of the muscular Roger the kangaroo have gone viral and are loved by many fans. His most famous photo is of him holding a metal feed bucket, which he has just crushed with his bare hands, as easily as a piece of paper.

Roger and his crushed metal bucket.

Roger, the muscular kangaroo who gave birth to many kangaroos during his reign, is the most rattled kangaroo around. However, he may have one more challenger for the title – his son Monty. Monty was reportedly twice the size of the sanctuary female. Monty honed his skills by fighting his father before Roger passed away of old age, and soon developed a similarly muscular and toned body.


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Biggest Kangaroo - Buff Kangaroo

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