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July 12 Zodiac: Horoscope, Traits, Compatibility and More

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You're creative, you're adventurous, you're compassionate, and emotional: your zodiac sign for July 12 is Cancer. This means that your intuitive self was born between June 21 (summer solstice) and July 23, in the sign of Cancer. Your goals in life will always be self-improvement, helping and caring for others, and living your best creative life.

When you have healthy relationships and take care of yourself, you're the star of the room, even if you're not the "life of the party." Your charm, warmth, and good looks attract people, even if you're not the biggest personality in the room. You don't need volume to shine; your effervescent spirit does it all by itself.

Chinese zodiac
Cancerians are intuitive, sensitive, and loyal.


July 12th Zodiac

What is the zodiac sign on July 12? cancer
birthstone ruby
gem Pearl, Moonstone
rule the planet moon, pluto
power color white, silver, gray
Lucky number 3, 5, 14, 18, 25
lucky day on Monday
element water
most compatible Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces
motto "I feel therefore I am."
Embrace New experiences, learning opportunities, moments of reflection
avoid Anger, playing with other people's feelings, vindictiveness
ideal career path Artists, Designers, Architects, Scientists, Writers, Digital Artists, Inventors, Performing Artists, Marketers, Lawyers, Consultants, Doctors, Holistic Therapists, Teachers, Therapists, Nurses, Nutritionists, Receptionists, Archaeologists , (personal) salesperson

The fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer represents the sign of the northern sky. The constellation depicts the body and claws of the giant crab known as Karkinos in ancient Greek mythology. It is believed that the giant beast fought Hercules in a story in Greek mythology. This constellation is looming between Gemini, Gemini, and Leo. The stars of Cancer are far away, so they appear faint in the sky and may not be visible without perfect conditions or a telescope. However, your personality is much more than that faint spark: you are a diamond that shines for all.

Zodiac Ruling Planets for July 12

Pluto is your secondary ruler, helping you to have better balance and decision-making.

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Your birthday falls between the summer solstice on June 21 and the end of Cancer on July 23. Your sign is the fourth of the zodiac, representing the Crab. This means that the Moon is your primary ruler. Second, since you are in the 2nd decan of Cancer, Pluto comes into play.

Pluto draws its power from reason, balancing you between the emotional Moon force and the rational mind that keeps you sane amidst the chaos. Other Cancer decans are ruled by Saturn or Neptune. All of you are emotionally based, though, and usually lean more toward that side of you when making decisions and planning. But, if you're not careful, Pluto's tug can drag you into a need for power and a feeling of control over your life and relationships, which can become unhealthy. It is important to invest in relationships that encourage healthy connections and divert tendencies towards codependency.

July 12th Zodiac Personality Traits

painting with watercolors
You are a creative soul who enjoys displaying a high emotional intelligence in the visual arts.


Cancerians are known to have many specific and desirable personality traits. Some of these make you a highly desirable romantic partner, while others make you attractive as an employee or contractor. Each of your traits has some downsides, though. It's important to know what makes you feel good and bad, and what to do when things go wrong.

people oriented

There are many ways to be human-centred. For example, your passions often involve activities and areas of life that bring you into close contact with other people who need help or are eager to form friendships with you. This is a great trait that makes people want to hire you or befriend you. Your natural charisma and physical attractiveness will not affect this direction either, as you will easily meet new people.

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Your compassionate nature makes you a nurturing partner or friend, an empathetic colleague, and a caring employee or employer. However, this instinct can be exploited when other people are not in good health and feel the need to be overly dependent on you for their needs. It is important to identify these times and either work through issues together or avoid unhealthy people or relationships.

Also, you are fiercely loyal, but your trust is hard-earned. This means that superficial relationships do not do much to encourage you, and you are more likely to be an introvert than an extrovert. You thrive in the company of others, but only if you also have the necessary time to reflect and examine your life. You also tend to constantly seek self-improvement as a way of serving others around you.

creativity and enthusiasm

Creative expression is the side of your passionate soul. You have to create to survive! But your passion may also lie in something less obvious to others, and it may even confuse some. That's fine – you need to live your most authentic life as your own unique self.

Find a career path that allows you to use your passions and creative interests on a regular basis, or at least find a hobby that allows you to do so almost every day. Build relationships with people who share your passion for living life to the fullest.

Resilient and Introspective

Because you are so compassionate and empathetic, when grief and loss occur, you need time to be alone. In the moment, your energy may be great – sometimes too much for others – but when you have time to work through your own pain, you may bounce back quickly and be able to move forward in life or know you can handle long-term pain .

That means alone time is crucial when you're hurting—and must be before you can help others deal with any shared pain, such as the loss of a loved one. Comfort others with love and compassion at this time, but don't hurt yourself.

However, your resilience can also have a negative side. You are still grieving, but able to move forward. Others may not understand this. Or you may be handling it so well that you are now "okay" much faster than other people would expect from someone who is so emotionally charged. However, your coping style has to be in your own time, so don't let others speak out about your emotions. You may be called "moody," but it's actually your natural way of processing your feelings.

often misunderstood

Because of your resilience, creative soul, and deep loyalties, you are often misunderstood. You may crave the attention of others as a way of being known and loved. But instead of focusing on superficial, fleeting recognition, build a relationship with someone who will seek to understand and love you no matter what.

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almost all the money

It's easy to say you value people over money. However, you may also value your life experiences and sense of accomplishment more than big bucks. This means you may experience financial stability at times, especially if your career is unfulfilling and you often feel bored. To avoid this, be sure to save as much money as possible while your job is booming. Avoid overspending on non-essentials (but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have fun!).

Cancer: July 12 Zodiac Compatibility

cycling, bicycle
Shared interests and certain personality traits may enhance the happiness of your relationship.


Someone as creative as you needs to complement someone who appreciates your innovation. They need to accept and appreciate your uniqueness, embrace your romantic side, and celebrate your compassion. Without being known and loved for who you really are, you will find life miserable, and most of the time, that means painful relationships and failed friendships.

Constellation Compatibility for July 12

  • Taurus – Taurus, or the Bull, is one of the most compatible signs for you. Their generous spirit blends with yours, creating an equitable relationship. However, the sweetness between you may cause jealousy in others, because you will be so sweet together that people will not know what to do! Ignore the rollicking and embrace what a Taurus knows and loves.
  • Virgo – Driven by compassion and service to others, Cancer and Virgo both find harmony with each other. Your sensitive nature thrives on romance and sensitivity. You will support each other in your big dreams, even if they are completely different.
  • Scorpio – Equally creative, sensitive and compassionate, Scorpio and Cancer are a perfect match. Both belong to the water triangle, which means you are fluid and intuitive, adventurous, nurturing, and loving. In short, you'll find rare forms of compatibility.
  • Fellow Cancerian – Your similarities to a fellow Cancerian could make you a perfect match. Emotional support, romantic passion, creative time together and apart will lead to a happy union.
  • Capricorn – Balancing each other is usually the sign of a good match. And for a Capricorn, it's almost inevitable. Their pragmatic worldview and your intuitive soul will blend well together to create a harmonious home, as long as you are loyal to each other and connect on a deeper level.
  • Pisces – Art and spirituality define Pisces, the third member of the Water Triangle. Fluid and adaptable, gentle and understanding, they make a great companion for Cancer.

Less Favorable Matches for the July 12 Zodiac

  • Aries – While there is often attraction between Aries and Cancer, this pairing is usually ill-advised. Aries can be more competitive than you find harmony, often creating conflict between you.
  • Gemini – Contrary to Cancer, Gemini is rarely compatible with Cancer. Friendships may form, and you are likely to challenge each other in important areas. But so much conflict will be far from harmony and peace.
  • Libra – Libras and Cancers are friendly people who make great friends. However, romantic matches are ill-advised. Libra loves to be intellectual, while Cancer loves to be outgoing. Romantic style oppositions can lead to distress and feelings of neglect.
  • Leo – While Leos tend to be perpetually optimistic, something most Cancers lack, they rarely complement Cancers. Contradictions and frictions between the two usually arise quickly, and your views are too far apart to be compatible.
  • Sagittarius – Sagittarius lives in their heads; Cancer in their hearts. This often results in a less-than-desirable match between the two. Sagittarius is notorious for lacking the emotional expression needed by an emotional person like you.
  • Aquarius – Often described as aloof or aloof, Aquarius usually sucks with Cancer. Because of your opposite attitude towards life and love, you often feel unwelcome and they may feel suffocated.
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Careers and Passions for the July 12 Zodiac Sign

If you have the vision and timing to capture these moments, photography could very well be the perfect career path for you as a Cancerian.

© iStock.com/Jon Farmer

Creative and independent as a July 12 sign, you need room to grow and learn, creative expression, and relationship-building opportunities throughout your career. This means that jobs such as performing artist, corporate architect (or freelance), holistic therapist or doctor may be best for you. These types of roles make you feel like your contribution is worthwhile and don't drain all your emotional and mental energy, even with a 9-5 job.

Some of the best career paths you might follow include:

Careers to consider as a Cancerian:

  • the scientist
  • comedian
  • photographer
  • other performing artists
  • lawyer
  • musician
  • digital artist
  • inventor
  • writer
  • designer
  • actor
  • doctor
  • dancer
  • architect
  • marketing personnel
  • consultant
  • hospitality staff
  • holistic therapist
  • therapist
  • teacher
  • Nurse
  • nutritionist
  • archaeologist
  • Realtor/Realtor

Careers to avoid as a Cancer:

Of course, this all means that generally pursuing a particular role drains your soul and leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Avoid standard desk work and

  • insurance sales
  • Judge
  • stock trading
  • prison staff
  • Butcher
  • military personnel
  • politician
  • gambler
  • car sales

Cancer's spell

Those born under the July 12 zodiac sign, who can be perfectly balanced when healthy or deeply disorganized when overwhelmed, are equally ruled by emotion and reason. Your tendency to take care of everyone first and then yourself is often where this imbalance comes into play. It also means that you may be battling annoying voices in your head telling you that you are "not good enough" because you don't meet society's standards for career or other accomplishments.

It may help you to have a healthy mantra or collection of spells. These are just phrases to calm your mind, remind you of the good things about yourself, or help you fight oppression from outside influences.

You may want to consider repeating some mantras to yourself daily or as needed, including:

  • I am deeply in love, deeply in love.
  • I am capable and creative.
  • I am confident; I am strong.
  • I matter to the world.
  • Anything is possible if I believe.
  • My deep feelings help me make the world a better place.

Why Silver is Important to Cancer

Woman in shiny silver outfit blowing away confetti, pink background
Celebrate your color of power by wearing silver or decorating your home with the sparkly shade.


Color theory is an interesting topic discussing the effect of color on an individual's soul. In astrology, colors are assigned by the mood they set or the power they exert. For Cancer, silver, white and gray are your power colors.

However, silver is preferred as it is vibrant, shimmering, rich and calming and offers an unusual aesthetic. Silver is believed to help calm the soul and can also help you achieve your goals of self-improvement and find fulfillment in life. Silver also represents purity and spiritual strength, two things needed for a truly happy life.

Silver is believed to be especially helpful to Cancer because of its association with the Moon. It also reflects water, suggesting emotional resilience, sensitivity and creative thinking, which are all part of your personality. When you wear silverware or surround yourself with silverware, your mood may be lifted and your mind inspired.


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