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July 7th Zodiac: Horoscope, Traits, Compatibility and More

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Ruled by the Moon on July 7, the zodiac is full of creativity, enjoys a fluid lifestyle, and helps to be a very interesting person. So, if you were born on July 7, you will likely find that water sign Cancer means you are sensitive, creative, compassionate, sincere, spontaneous, empathetic, and beautiful.

Constellation from June 21st to July 23rd: Cancer

Like the symbol of Cancer, the Crab, July 7 people are intuitively led by emotion, yet resilient and capable.


July 7th Zodiac cancer
birthstone ruby
gem Pearl, Moonstone
rule the planet moon, pluto
power color white, silver, gray
Lucky number 3, 5, 14, 18, 25
lucky day on Monday
element water
most compatible Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces
motto "I feel therefore I am."
Embrace self improvement, dedication, your intuition
avoid Anger, playing with other people's feelings, vindictiveness
ideal career path Artists, Designers, Architects, Scientists, Writers, Digital Artists, Inventors, Performing Artists, Marketers, Lawyers, Consultants, Doctors, Holistic Therapists, Teachers, Therapists, Nurses, Nutritionists, Receptionists, Archaeologists , (personal) salesperson

Born between the summer solstice, June 21 and July 23, your zodiac sign is Cancer or the Crab. Translated from the Greek, your zodiac name is Karkinos , the name of a giant crab who came to help the Hydra in its battle against Hercules in Greek mythology.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, based on the sign of Cancer. Visible in spring in North America, the constellation lies between Leo (Lion) and Gemini (twins). Cancer looks a bit like a dim inverted Y because it's so faint it's almost invisible without a telescope.

But if you're a Cancer (which is often used to distinguish it from the disease of the same name), your personality is anything but bleak. You are creative, energetic, loyal, and intelligent, and these are some of the reasons why you are so well-liked.

interval of cancer

Chinese zodiac
Cancerians are intuitive, sensitive, and loyal.


Each constellation is divided into three intervals. For Cancer, interval 1 is from June 21 to July 1, interval 2 is from July 2 to July 12, and interval 3 is from July 13 to 22. Since you were born on July 7, you are Cancer 2.

Born July 2 to July 12: Cancer 2

Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer all belong to the water sign triangle. Cancer belongs to the family of Neptune and the ecstasy of Jupiter, under the ruling planet of the Moon. Often, this leads to Cancer calling themselves confinement. Both the Roman goddess Luna and the Greek goddess Diana are associated with Cancer.

As a Cancerian Decan 2, your ruling planet rules Pluto, guiding you into the more outgoing aspects of your personality and style as a Cancerian. Loyalty isn't a word, it's a way of life for you, and creativity and emotional expression make up a huge part of your being. Don't be afraid to embrace your sentimentality and emotionality—they're one of your greatest strengths, and encourage others to love you as deeply as you love them.

In Cancer Decan 2, finding your own positive potential is an important quest for yourself that brings others to share the joys of creativity, curiosity, and a flexible lifestyle you enjoy.

Challenge as Cancer Decan 2

However, life is full of challenges, even if you are as bright and beautiful as a Cancer 2. Often, your mechanisms for dealing with challenging moments, loss, and failure mean that you distance yourself from others. It probably won't take long to be drawn again, though, since your tenacity is one of your strongest sets. This resilience will help you cope more quickly, even if your losses and failures are still deeply felt.

The key to your resilience is to allow those around you to be less resilient than you. Live out your strength of compassion and kindness, caring about those around you without demanding that they be "okay".

The Ruling Planets of the Zodiac for July 7

details of the full moon
Moon rules Cancer

© a.imagestock/Shutterstock.com

The summer solstice begins in the constellation of Cancer, and June 21st is the longest day of the year. Your zodiac sign is the northern sign, opposite Capricornus, and your ruler is the moon. However, Neptune, Pluto or Saturn align with other tenth houses in Cancer.

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Decan 2 Cancer is strongly influenced by Pluto most of the time, explaining your near constant struggle between emotions and reasoning. This is normal and helps encourage you to see life in a more balanced way. Embrace the chaos of it all and let both guide you.

The need for relationship security may also have a strong pull on you, creating a sense of incompleteness whenever you're not in a committed, intimate relationship, whether romantic or friendship.

July 7 Zodiac Personality Traits

A man in a blue shirt holds in his hands the image of the zodiac signs
People born under the sign of Cancer are compassionate. They make great friends and enjoy activities such as cooking, gardening, art or music.

© Algernon77/Shutterstock.com

If your friends were to describe you, they might list four characteristics: creative, compassionate, emotional, attractive, and charming. On the other hand, people who are jealous of you are more likely to describe you as moody or short-tempered, overly sensitive, vain, or showy.

These traits can have both positive and negative effects on your relationships, depending on the health of you and your relationships, as well as your chosen career path and lifestyle.

Creativity is a way of life

You will thrive in a life full of creative activity and beauty. Whether you're pursuing a hobby that explores your creative side, or you're making a living in a creative field, you won't be truly fulfilled unless you express yourself.

attractive and charming is your name

Whether you look like Ashton Sanders or Florence Pugh, chances are you're often described as attractive. The charisma you exude doesn't hurt this reputation, and often helps you find partners with ease.

Quick Decisions Are Easy

Most of the time, Cancerians are decisive, capable of making wise decisions on the fly. It's part of your charisma that usually helps you in leadership roles.

you get bored easily

Your creative soul and adventurous spirit won't allow you to stay where you are for too long. Your enthusiastic nature and curiosity lead you from one project to the next, often working on many small projects at once. That's because you're extremely creative and curious and can't sit still for long, and these many projects can help you focus and be more productive — though, you'll be skipping nonsensical tasks, which can lead to work Some problems can arise if you are in the wrong profession.

you shine brightly and cause conflict

Because of your emotional spirit, you are likely to be considered a point of conflict among intellectuals. Your enthusiasm, concern for others, intense loyalty, and creative and adventurous spirit may appear flippant or repugnant to others. To help avoid unnecessary conflict, listen to your rational side, let emotions take a back seat, and remember that other people's perspectives are just as valid for them as yours.

Financial stability is unlikely to be a descriptor

Your enthusiastic nature, the many projects you are working on, and the quick decisions you make may mean that you cannot be financially secure. That's because that part of you gets bored easily and can't stand pointless work. To help avoid this problem, find a career that works creatively, with autonomy and a trusted leader.

July 7 Zodiac Compatibility

Man and woman with wine glasses in hands having romantic candle light dinner at table at home. Man and woman with glasses of wine in hands. Concept for Valentine's Day or evening date by candlelight.
Your personality can affect your ideal match.

©iStock.com/Lyubov Smirnova

Aries – there may be problems

When it comes to Aries, Cancers can often find themselves in conflict. Both of these personalities are big-picture thinkers when it comes to launching, and often need nudging or encouragement to persevere, both in relationships and in the follow-through of projects. As long as your Aries competitive side doesn't come out and you end your relationship with a caring, people-centered persona, you both will likely thrive in a partnership as a leader. Still, if you can respect each other's emotional process, you can make things work—just make sure you're self-aware and active listening.

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Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces – ideal match


As two signs different from each other, Cancer and Taurus are usually a perfect match in a friendly, easy-going relationship, whatever that may be. When you're together, you're a couple or a friend pairing, and everyone goes "oh" and "ah" because of the organic pairing between you. The steady pace of Taurus complements your generous, creative spirit, and the natural nurturing of both sides reinforces each other. Your favorite sensory-based experiences may align (for example, you may both be foodies), and you'll find yourself able to connect emotionally and physically in ways that meet your needs.


Virgo and Cancer find themselves two signs that are at once different but harmonious through their shared sensitivity, service-orientation in relationships, and big-hearted dreams. You gain insight into each other as you work together or individually to realize your big dreams.


Scorpio and Cancer belong to the water triangle, leading you into a good relationship, low-key, and positive relationship. You are intuitive, sensitive, and deeply empathetic to each other, and you're not afraid to confront your feelings head-on.


For Capricorn , Cancer finds balance in many situations. Capricorn is a bit of the opposite of Cancer, with a pragmatic outlook, but this leads to a healthy life where reason and emotion lead the way together without the serious conflict that can arise in other relationships. Your shared loyalties will help you work things out while truly listening to each other.


Deeply spiritual and artistic, Pisces is an ideal partner for Cancer, as the "knowing" factor is found in your mutual relationships. Emotion, creativity, and empathy from both partners will work together to help form a passionate, healthy, happy relationship, while Cancer's decisiveness will balance Pisces' indecisive nature.

Gemini and Libra – stay in the circle of friends

Cancer and Gemini are separated by only one sign, which means there may be some friction between you. Gemini tends to be brain based, while you sit more with your emotions. This binary can work well in friendships, but it often becomes challenging for romantic partners.

Libra is three signs away from Cancer, and challenges can arise. Both cardinal signs thrive in friendly relationships, but Libra lives more on their heads romantically, which can make Cancer feel unwelcome and neglected. For this reason, it's best to remain in a circle of friends with a Libra unless you're an otherwise great match and have an existing trust and ability to talk about emotional conflict with each other with ease.

Cancerian – love is in the air

Literally, two Cancerians will find there is so much love between them that it may seem overwhelming to others. You will both be very intuitive and emotional, so you will be able to take care of each other emotionally and prioritize each other over tasks. Your devotion will also make you notice the other person's flaws, unless you're unhealthy — then it might become a little unrealistic to think the other person is perfect. If you're paired with another Cancer, be sure to give each other space and time away from each other, which will help keep you from wallowing in each other's emotions all the time.

Leo – can choose either way

Like Gemini, Leo is only one sign away from Cancer, so there may be frequent twists and turns in your relationship. Leo loves attention, which can cause conflict in your personal endeavors, steal the spotlight from your efforts, and make you feel ignored and unknown. However, if you maintain a healthy relationship, Leo's perpetual optimism may help lift your Moon-ruled Soul, and your deep loyalty may help meet Leo's needs.

Sagittarius and Aquarius: not suitable

Both Sagittarius and Aquarius-Cancer pairings can cause problems, as there will be almost constant conflict between you. Aquarius is often calm and aloof, even aloof and visionary, which can lead to emotional conflict in Cancer, who tends to live in the moment and seek a deep connection. Sagittarius, like Cancer, is very loyal, but they tend to be too involved in their heads, becoming insensitive to the highly emotional Cancer, and moralizing on the conflicts between you.

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Relationship Strengths and Weaknesses

man and woman holding hands comforting each other
Your emotional strength is one of your greatest relationship assets.

© iStock.com/kitzcorner

Influenced by all relationships, whether they are family, friendship or romantic, your personality is the key to understanding your strengths and weaknesses in relationships.

emotion and expressiveness

For the most part, Cancerians keep their hearts up their sleeves and find it difficult to live within the social ideal of "emotional stability." This is not because your emotions are unstable, but because your emotions dominate the way you express yourself.

Chances are your emotions will quickly resolve themselves through your creative and personal expression (resilience comes into play here!). Others may fall behind and not be able to handle your fast pace from emotional to healing or stabilization, but don't let that put you off. Instead, acknowledge their journey and compassionately wait for them to catch up with you.

Requires Deep Connections and Loyalty

For your relationships to thrive, you need connection and loyalty, which is built through trust and acceptance of you. Superficial relationships can be hard to satisfy, so seek out partners who can hear, see and understand you, even if they don't fully understand you. Invest in relationships that deserve your high level of loyalty to avoid the sense of betrayal that shallow relationships can create.

Protecting and Caring Through Intuition

When you're emotionally healthy, your intuition can guide you to be the best version of yourself. This means you are able to care for others compassionately without being overly so, and helps you channel your protective sense of loyalty to improve your relationships and the well-being of others. When unhealthy, your protectiveness and loyalty can come across as stifling or jealous.

Careers and Passions for the July 7th Zodiac Sign

Pop Art - hand over the typewriter in an unusual way, the creative process
Cancers thrive in creative jobs and careers that allow for creative thinking, independence, and flexibility.

© iStock.com/master1305

Your expressive, compassionate nature lends itself well to certain career paths of yours. It's best to pursue roles where you can express yourself openly in a creative way, have some autonomy, and usually have other people talking big so you can focus on all those smaller projects.

Careers to consider for a Cancerian:

  • designer
  • writer
  • digital artist
  • performing artist
  • holistic therapist
  • consultant
  • therapist
  • inventor
  • architect
  • the scientist
  • teacher
  • Nurse
  • doctor
  • marketing personnel
  • lawyer
  • nutritionist
  • hospitality staff
  • archaeologist
  • personable salesperson e.g. real estate

Careers to avoid as a Cancer:

Of course, these wonderful qualities about you also mean that certain characters can lead you down frustrating paths and create discontent. These may include career paths such as:

  • Judge
  • military personnel
  • stockbroker
  • Butcher
  • gambler
  • politician
  • prison staff
  • Insurance Clerk
  • Hard sellers, such as car sales


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Like the Crab, the symbol of Cancer, those born on July 19 are intuitively led by emotion, yet strong enough to protect themselves from harm.

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