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Meet the Spirit Animal of Pisces and What It Means

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Pisces is the 12th and last sign of the Western Zodiac.

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Pisces is the 12th and last contemporary zodiac sign after Aquarius. Along with Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces is ruled by the element of water. Pisces is one of the six negative constellations, and Neptune is its ruler. One of the zodiac signs is a fish, sometimes a shark, representing Pisces. So, let's explore Pisces with this spirit animal guide and see how it applies to those born under this western sign!

fish and pisces

The Pisces symbol is depicted by two fish.

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Pisces birthday: February 19-March 20

Pisces is represented by the sign of the zodiac, two fishes that swim in opposite directions, often connected or intertwined. This symbolizes that many Pisces have difficulty making up their minds. Pisces is a receptive sign, which means it's open to new ideas and easily influenced. However, Pisces is an often misunderstood sign. Most of a Pisces' life can be spent finding meaning, and the rest can be spent in divine dissatisfaction. Sometimes in the Pisces world, grief is embraced. Fish as a symbol is very suitable for their dark, elusive character.

Let's look at the positive and negative traits of Pisces and its relationship with fish to get a better understanding of this extremely sensitive sign!

Positive Traits of Pisces Fish

Beautiful koi in a Japanese pond.
Pisces people, like fish, are able to adapt to the circumstances in their lives and swim their way.


Ambitious and adaptable

Many Pisces have an elusive style, but beyond that surface hides a deep individual with real ambition. For them, success meant more than owning a nice house with a fence and climbing the economic ladder. Pisces have a vision beyond themselves as they stay in touch with a greater purpose. Given the chance, Pisces can achieve extraordinary things. They can adjust their personality at any time to adapt to any situation, making Pisces extremely adaptable. Like a fish that can swim through many waters, Pisces can easily relocate to a new area and make connections anywhere.

personable and valuable

Pisces has a comedy that is very offbeat and a little silly. This sometimes manifests itself as an appreciated sense of humor rather than the kind of comedy that makes it "the life of the party". It's also easy to get them to laugh because they do love having fun and interacting with others. Pisces have such keen insights that it seems to help them fully grasp the complexities of the human condition. As such, they have an innate ability to help others reach their full potential, and they experience genuine joy when they can help others achieve a better state of life.

intuitive and reflective

As the last zodiac sign, Pisces contains some characteristics of all the other signs. This allows Pisces to recognize aspects of themselves in the behavior of others, resulting in an overwhelming sense of empathy. Pisces seem to have an innate understanding of emotions, despite lacking direct experience in this area. Pisces also know when to rest and recharge. In moments like these, they withdraw from the world, like fish swimming to the depths of the water, if only to refuel before returning to the surface to face everyone and everything again. They value solitude, but they cannot exist without human interaction, so their isolation is temporary at best.

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Famous Pisces signs include : Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Steve Jobs, Drew Barrymore and Bruce Willis

Negative Traits of Pisces

The Pisces fish symbol is sometimes depicted with a rope connecting two fish.


hypersensitivity and self-pity

Pisces are sensitive souls, and they wouldn't kill a fly, at least in theory. It is difficult for them to say no because they believe in others and care about others. Pisces is easily hurt by callousness and tends to avoid unpleasant realities through escapism or self-deception. And, more often than not, when reality shows its ugly side, a Pisces will withdraw into himself, often sinking into self-pity, believing things like, "I'll never believe that again!" However, you can rest assured that these times are fairly brief and even good for Pisces. With this sign, it appears that they are actually gaining strength from periodic (albeit short-lived) labor pains. Often, they will be more energetic than before, eager to conquer the world again.

selfish and detached

Pisces' sometimes selfish behavior equates to the sign's tendency to be judgmental and detached. On the other hand, if anyone dared to tell a Pisces, they would be totally taken aback. As curious as they are, Pisces often question other people's judgment and have a hard time confronting what others think of them. More straightforward signs, such as Virgo and Aries, can have a hard time understanding their periodic need for disengagement and an empty character.

indirect and moody

As a water sign, Pisces is so fluid that it's hard for them to commit to anything. Pisces take in so much information from everything around them, it can stop them from being able to stand for one thing. A great resistance to making difficult choices is one of their defining characteristics. Pisces' moodiness is not only visible through verbal communication, but may seep into their digital communications. It's confusing because you can never predict whether they will be silent or talkative. They might use the temperature of the room to determine their mood and look for cues about what they think people want to hear. They don't want to confuse anyone; instead, they tend to be overly concerned with the comfort of those around them.

How to Be the Best Pisces


Astrology can reveal your untapped potential and help you use your skills. It can help you find compatibility in romance, the workplace, and other areas of your life. For example, Pisces typically excel in creative areas such as sales, teaching, writing, and music. One reason is that people with these traits tend to be liked and respected by a wide variety of people. Whatever field a Pisces chooses to pursue will usually find success in them. A curious group of people who often try new strategies to see if they can achieve their goals better. The creative and caring nature of those born under this sign can help them succeed.

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The general consensus is that Pisces is best compatible with Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn in a relationship. These signs don't force Pisces to compromise their basic worldview. The least compatible signs for Pisces are usually Aries and Virgo. Finding common ground with these signs is more challenging due to their different worldviews and life priorities.


If Pisces can learn to keep their feet on the ground once in a while, they'll be fine in life. A positive attitude will help a Pisces to stay cheerful and optimistic even when they experience disappointments or setbacks. It's natural to feel blue once in a while, but persistent sadness can be caused by issues such as jealousy or suspicion. Pisces should also try to understand what triggers their grief instead of just living with it. Pisces benefits from some downtime. For your long-term happiness, the healthiest decisions are the ones you make after you take a deep breath and learn to control your feelings.

Why is the sign of Pisces a fish?

Pisces means fish in Latin, and the zodiac signs and constellations have mythical roots.


The Latin word for fish is Pisces. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite and her son Eros are both fish, symbols of Neptune. Together they jump into the water to confuse Typhon while trying to free him. Because of this sign's deep historical roots, Pisces often finds itself straddling the line between the waking world and the world of dreams. Pisces have a natural tendency to avoid danger, and they also have the ability to transform themselves in order to avoid harm. Pisces, like fish, can get into trouble. Even so, they are flexible to change and can go with the flow.

zodiac astrology
People born under the sign of Pisces, the Western zodiac sign, are also represented in different traditions by animals other than fish.

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Here are some alternative zodiac animals for Pisces people. In future articles, we'll explore these common zodiac patterns in depth.

Chinese astrology

According to the ancient Chinese calendar, different zodiac animals and characteristics are associated with each year of the cycle. Many believe that the Chinese zodiac also has "twin" animals of the Western zodiac. Here's a quick summary of the Chinese zodiac signs that are believed to correspond to Pisces.

Pisces Gemini: Rabbit

get rid of the rabbit
The Chinese Rabbit is tough, charming, and kind.


The Chinese Rabbit is quick in thinking and quick in action, and can hop, hop and jump over any obstacle in its path. Rabbits are very tenacious, and if anything or someone manages to knock them down, they'll be back up and running in no time. This Chinese zodiac sign just wants to relax and focus on the finer details. They will go to great lengths to avoid arguments, and even the simplest details of work will not be overlooked. The demeanor of the Chinese Rabbit is widely regarded as attractive and kind. On the other hand, they can be self-absorbed and will quickly "jump away" from anything or anyone that causes them too much emotional or physical stress.

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celtic astrology

Celtic astrology is very similar to Western astrology in many ways. Since their calendars are slightly different, knowing your exact birthday is crucial to identifying your Celtic spirit animal as a Pisces.

1. Part Celtic Twin of Pisces: Snake (18 February – 17 March)

smooth snake
The snake is the Celtic animal corresponding to Pisces.

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If your birthday falls between the dates listed above, the snake is your Celtic totem animal. Despite their lazy appearance, snakes are actually very intelligent and persuasive creatures. They are difficult to categorize due to their tendency towards spontaneity and unpredictability. Sometimes, they may not even know what they want or why they behave in a certain way. This has the potential to be both exciting and problematic. They may become uncooperative when they feel pressured to do or agree to things they don't want to do.

2. Part of the Celtic zodiac twins in Pisces: Fox (March 18-April 14)

red fox roaming the field
The fox is another Celtic representation of the Pisces spirit animal.

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If your birthday falls between the above dates, then the fox is your Celtic totem animal. Foxes are cunning, cunning, intelligent and know how to manipulate others. They are always hungry for new experiences and enjoy the chance to explore life. Additionally, they are difficult to control due to their strong inner independence. While it can be difficult for foxes to bond emotionally, once you do, you have a companion for life.

Native American Astrology

Native American and Western astrology share the same dates for each zodiac sign, but use different animals as totems. Here you'll find the Native American totemic animals that correspond to the Pisces sign.

Native American Pisces Twins: Wolf

wolf quiz
For those of you with Pisces as your Western zodiac sign, the wolf is the Native American totemic animal.

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If you consider yourself a Pisces, the wolf is your Native American totem animal. While the rest of us may view the wolf as a solitary, perhaps deadly creature, Native Americans see it in a more benevolent light. Like wolves, members of this pack are very aware of their surroundings and how other people are feeling. They readily accept the emotions of others around them, whether happy or sad. As a result, they can easily get caught up in other people's dramas if they're not careful.

In summary

astrology zodiac
In addition to the fish Pisces spirit beast, rabbits, snakes, foxes and wolves also represent this constellation.

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Fish, rabbits, snakes, foxes, and wolves are all animals associated with Pisces. Remember, these are symbolic representations of your personality drawn from traditional astrological wisdom and psychological research.

You may be attracted to other animals that represent your personality traits or your unique experiences. Dreaming about animals or encountering them is not uncommon for humans. My sincere goal is for you to enjoy learning more about the many animals associated with your zodiac sign, no matter how you go about discovering your spirit animal!


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