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Pink Snakes: The Prettiest Snakes You Can Keep as Pets

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Picking the perfect pet is never easy! Any responsible home owner will go through all the steps and learn as much as they can in order to provide the best possible home for their new friend. While the process of keeping a snake may seem a little different than other pets, the love and care remains the same.

When it comes to snakes, showing off your beautiful reptile is one of the best things about it. Snakes come in all sizes and colors, but one of the least common options has to be the pink snake! For those of you who really want a unique snake, finding a pink one might be just what you're looking for. Today, we're going to explore the different options for pink snakes: the prettiest snakes you can keep as pets. let's start!

Pick a snake by color

Pink Snake The Prettiest Snake You Can Keep as a Pet
Pink snakes are rare to find in the animal kingdom. Still, there are some snakes in this beautiful shade.

©Nathan A Shepard/Shutterstock.com

Choosing a snake is not the same as picking a cat or dog from a shelter. The snakes are displayed in terrariums, part of which is to create a beautiful living environment for them! So choosing a snake with the behavioral traits you want is part of the process, but choosing a snake with the physical traits you want is also part of the process. You may want a snake with a variety of scale patterns, such as a garter or kingsnake. Or you might want to focus on color – a sleek black snake, a yellow snake…or a pink snake!

Color is one of the most exciting and unique elements of the entire snake selection process. There are thousands of species of snakes, and they all have unique colors and patterns. Additionally, captive breeding programs allow reptile breeders to selectively select certain traits for those looking for something specific. Overall, choosing a snake in the color you want is an important part of owning a snake.

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If you're reading this guide, you've already chosen one of the funniest colors yet: pink snake! There aren't many pink snakes out there, but this list is definitely not zero. Let's take a look at the options for those who are absolutely sure that only pink snakes are the way to go.

What kind of snake is pink?

There are many species that can be bred for pink, let's take a look at some of the most popular:

corn snake

Pink Snakes: The Prettiest Snakes You Can Keep as Pets
Corn snakes are the simplest, and possibly the most vigorous pink snakes you can find.

©Blue Dog Studio/Shutterstock.com

The most common and probably the most readily available pink snake species is the corn snake. Reptile owners have been keeping corn snakes for some time and they make fantastic pets. Additionally, corn snakes have been selectively bred for decades for specific genetic variations and color patterns. As such, they come in a variety of colors and patterns sure to satisfy your pink snake craving.

The most accessible pink corn snakes are probably the ones with the albino mutation. This alchemy snake characteristic occurs in the wild and is one of the first color morphs found in this species. The resulting color is a light pink bordering on white. In albino corn snakes, the eyes are usually bright pink and the body appears a darker pink mixed with white. Another name for this genetic variant might be "strawberry" corn snake, but the result is the same.

Expect prices for albino or strawberry corn snakes to be a little higher than for standard snakes — anywhere between $100 and $200 is normal.

ball python

Pink Snakes: The Prettiest Snakes You Can Keep as Pets
Some ball python morphs are known for their pink undertones.

© pelsopython/Shutterstock.com

The ball python is one of the most famous and common pet snakes in the world. They are fantastic snakes that will survive in almost any household. Also, people have been breeding ball pythons with specific color variations for a long time. All told, there are dozens of designer genes, all with associated rarity and cost.

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The variants of the Pink Snake (named for different color and pattern variations) are the Purple Passion variant, Mystic Potion variant, Ivory variant, Coral Glow variant, and Fire Ivory variant. However, these variants are all very rare and require extensive research to find. Each of these variants has some level of lavender or pink, even if they only exist as undertones.

Here are the standard prices for these variants:

  • Purple Passion: $400-500
  • Mystery Potion: $300-$450
  • Ivory: $200-300
  • Coral Glow: $250 and up
  • Fire Ivory: $375 and up

western pig nose

Pink Snakes: The Prettiest Snakes You Can Keep as Pets
There are some varieties of hognose snakes that are pink in color.


Hognose snakes are also common in the United States and can be found in almost any pet store. The only challenge, however, is when you want a pink snake. Like the other species on our list, pink varieties cost more because they require selective breeding.

The pink variants include the Snow Western variant, the Coral variant, and the Anaconda Snow variant. Each of them is fairly rare, but some professional breeders may have them in stock.

Here are the standard prices for these variants:

  • Western Snow: $500+
  • Coral: $350-$3000+
  • Python Snow: $500-800

rose python

Pink Snakes: The Prettiest Snakes You Can Keep as Pets
Rose pythons occasionally turn pink to suit their sandy environment.

©Jason Mintzer/Shutterstock.com

The rose python is a beautiful snake native to the southwestern United States and Mexico. Rose pythons are notoriously cute snakes for their relatively small size. They come in pink, orange, and tan and often have a stripe on their back. Rose pythons make great pets and are perfect examples of wild snakes that do well in captivity. The rose boa is one of the best options for any would-be snake owner looking to add a pink snake to the mix.

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Rose pythons are not disintegrated by polymorphs. Instead, they are broken down by the region they come from. There are four species, all with colors suitable for their particular environment, with the Desert ros boa probably being the species with the highest probability of having a visible pink color.

Typically, rose pythons start at $200 and go up to $500 if the pattern is particularly unique.

honor award

While this is primarily a list of pink snakes you can keep as pets, here are some pink snakes that you can keep as pets, but most people don't. Some are dangerous, remember that.

  • Pink Whip Snake
  • threadsnake in new mexico
  • some reef pythons

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