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See How Unmoved This Lion Is Among Hungry Hyenas

Published: January 5, 2023

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The lion is known as the king of the jungle. Impressive stealth abilities combined with strong jaws really put you at the top of the food chain. They are carnivorous and eat only the flesh of animals such as antelope, zebra, leopard, birds, and even crocodiles. Despite being excellent hunters, other animals still run the risk of intimidating lions, especially when they are alone. One such animal is the hyena.

As shown in the video below, a lion was feasting on its prey on the grasslands of Kruger National Park when a pack of hyenas interrupted his meal and tried to drive him away. They are known for their obnoxious voice, which sounds similar to a human's high-pitched laughter. This is also the reason behind the "hyena cluck," as they are called when they are in packs. At first, the lions tried to retaliate threateningly by chasing them down, but that didn't stop the scavengers. The hyena continued to circle the lion and tried to scare him into leaving the kill for them. To their disappointment, the cat settled down and continued eating undisturbed despite the constant noise around him.

Over time, some hyenas became bolder and ventured close to the lions. It took him only a few horrible stomps to drive them away. However, one can only last long at the constant cacophony of numerous hyenas simultaneously. How can felines enjoy a so-called delicious meal in this state? Finally, the lion stood up completely with the food in his mouth, and turned away from the stubborn animals. The hyena then decides to feed on the remnants of his prey.

Why do hyenas always sound like they're laughing?

To humans, a high-pitched sound like a giggle connotes fun and enjoyment, while to hyenas it signifies threat and danger. Hyenas are known for two things: their scavenging skills and their vocals, which are eerily similar to human laughter. However, these noises do not mean that they are having the best time of their lives, but that they are facing potential dangers that could lead to their death. Additionally, they use them to communicate with other hyenas around them. They can mean many things, from expressing submission or aggression to determining their social status in the group, but they can never mean joy and excitement.

Do lions prey on hyenas?

lion vs hyena
Lions don't eat hyenas.

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Surprisingly, lions do not prey on hyenas. They are both considered top predators, which reduces the chances of them preying on each other. Hyenas are also carnivores, and their diet consists of rotting animal flesh, so lions don't feel like they have an appetite. In some cases, they may fight and kill each other when threatened, but felines have rarely been observed eating each other's carcasses. The only exception is an old and frail lion that may eat a hyena when food is scarce.


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