Tips on Buying Hunting Backpacks

If you are wondering what the criteria are for choosing the right hunting backpack for you, then you have come to the right place. We’ll cover everything you need to know to make the right decision for purchasing a hunting backpack. Just read on to learn more!


This is should probably be one of the highest priorities to consider when buying a hunting backpack. You may find hunting backpacks in the market that may vary in capacity. There are those that can carry 30 lbs., those are on the lower maximum capacity scale. The medium capacity scale can carry twice at 60 lbs. At the heavier spectrum of hunting backpack carrying capacity, you’ll find that they can go up to 100 lbs. and more.

It may seem that the heavier you go, the more comfort you’re going to have to sacrifice. We’ll that is not always the case. Even with heavier loads, the secret to having a comfortable backpack requires a structurally rigid vertical frame, a hip belt that is snug, and shoulder harness.

You should find the perfect fit when it comes to the three aforementioned parts. Especially for the hip belt and the shoulder harness. They should fit perfectly on your body even at maximum loads. Signs that you have ergonomics have gone wrong is when you have to overtighten any of the two. These may cause bruises and will constrict your waist and shoulders, forcing your body to exert extra effort and work.


One of the most common misconceptions about a hunting backpack’s robustness, durability, or toughness is that “the heavier it is, the more durable it will be”. In most cases, that is not true. Even lighter backpacks can be more resilient compared to heavier ones.

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You can’t refer to the backpack’s weight for reference to durability. Depending on how the backpack is made and what materials were used will determine its overall robustness. In terms of durability, go for the lightest backpack with the best materials.


When choosing the right hunting backpack for you, always consider one that would be perfectly sized for you. This tip goes hand-in-hand with our first one, comfort. A properly sized backpack will ensure that all of its features or functionalities will be maximized. You will reduce any potential pain that may be inflicted on your body due to comfort and sizing issues.

Though many hunting backpacks nowadays have dozens of adjustable features, you should always find the one with the right dimensions for your body type. Before purchasing a backpack, you should have it fitted first. This is particularly important with the hip belt. When your hunting backpack is stuffed with gear, equipment, and all your necessities, majority of the weight you are carrying will be focused on your waist. It will be a problem if you cannot secure the hip belt properly. Avoid going to a size too large for you, this will cause the hip strap to constantly move around your waist. A size too small may squeeze your waist too much.


Weight is a huge factor when making a decision for buying a hunting backpack. Lightweight is king. If you were offered a backpack made with the same materials and a similar construction, the defining factor will be its weight. A lighter backpack will allow you to carry heavier loads.

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Since its initial weight is already low, this gives you more allowance and slack to load more gear into your backpack. When traversing tough terrain, the overall weight on your back will slow you down. It will take a toll on your endurance and pace. Your weight can be a huge determining factor between a successful hunt or an unsatisfying one.

Your hunting backpack will be a gear that will always be on you. Having a light initial backpack weight will be of great benefit for you. The lighter your load, the nimbler you will be. You will not put too much strain on your body, and as the days go by during a hunt, you can manage your fatigue better.


Hunting backpacks not only come in different sizes, there are a variety that comes with different pocket layouts too. This feature usually depends on user preference. Some people would want water bottle pockets at the side of their backpack while others prefer to use a bladder with no external side pockets.

Internal pockets and dividers for organization will depend on the users as well. Others may own a range of different hunting backpacks based on where they are going, what they will hunt, and the duration of their hunt.

Key Takeaway

These are all the main qualities to look out for when buying a hunting backpack. All of which as essential to maximizing your physical capabilities. We hope that these tips will aid you in choosing the right hunting backpack for you.