What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads

What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads?

In this article i covered “what should be used to screw on broadheads“, keep reading to know more detail about this matter. Archery and bowhunting are two sports that are still as popular in the Middle Ages. It should therefore not be surprising that the number of Americans taking part in archery increased from 18.9 million in 2012 to 21.6 million in 2016. Of this, only 2.2 percent took part in the bowhunt. Therefore, your decision to become an amateur archer or bow hunter is unlikely to regret you. If you want a pleasant experience as an archer or bowhunter, however, you have to invest in the right tools. Some of the tools you need include-crossbows for hunting, best crossbows, best ground blinds for bow hunting, single pin bow sights and broadheads.

And in this article, I’ll focus on broadheads and what should be used to screw broadheads in particular. That’s the question I’ll try to answer in this article. But let me first discuss the different types of broadheads available before I can answer this question.

What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads ?

When it comes to attaching broadheads, there are a few different options and tools that you can use. The most popular way to attach broadheads is to screw them on with an archery arrow nock tool. This tool is specifically designed for the task of threading and tightening broadhead screws securely onto your arrows shaft. Another option for attaching broadheads is using a vice or clamp system, which holds the arrow in place while you use a hex wrench or other wrench to tighten the broadhead screws into place. Whichever method you choose, make sure that all of your components are tightened down properly so that they won’t come undone during flight or when shooting. You definitely don’t want any surprises when shooting! Finally, make sure to inspect your broadheads and arrows regularly to ensure that the screws are still tight. This will help you avoid any potential safety issues with loose screws. Happy shooting!

Types of Broadheads

There are two main kinds of fixed and mechanical broadheads. Fixed broadheads are popular among old school bowhunters and archers who use low draw bows. These broadhead types have a wide design and are usually glued to arrow shafts. Some fixed broadheads, however, have a screw-in design to attach the arrow shaft.

Carbon Express Nativ Fixed Broadheads:

Carbon Express Nativ Fixed Broadheads:

On the other hand, mechanical breakheads have blades retracting before a shot and exposing when the breakhead comes into contact with the target. These types of broadheads generally work best with bows weighing at least 50 pounds. The reason is that these broadheads require additional energy to expand the blades when the broadhead hits a target such as a bow target or deer. These broadheads also fly faster and faster than their fixed counterparts. Now that you know the different types of wideheads and how they differ, let us answer the question of what should be used to screw wideheads.

Swhacker Mechanical Broadheads:

Swhacker Mechanical Broadheads:

For cutting the hide and the first set of ribs, the first set of edges, also known as wing blades, is used. These blades are also used to open the front and are much smaller than the main blades. During entry, they take the most punishment by cutting hair, dirt, hide and bones. The smaller blades take less energy to penetrate the first side than a broadhead “open on impact.” These wing blades also provide the ferrule with a load carrying surface during impact. During the initial penetration, the second set of edges or the main blades do not touch anything. When opening in the body cavity, they still have’ virgin’ edges. This allows the main blades for the internal organs to remain sharp razors.

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What Should Be Used To Screw A Broadhead

There are several things you can use when you want to attach a broadhead to your arrow shaft. And I’ll look at some of them in this section and how to screw a broadhead.

Hot Glue:

Hot glue is one of the most popular ways to attach a broadhead to an arrow. Many love this type of glue for its efficacy and availability. In addition, heating can easily remove a broadhead attached with hot glue. Therefore, I recommend using hot glue if you plan to change your broadheads in the future. Hot glue also works best with fixed broadheads that have no screw-on design.

Hot Glue

Although it is a rather traditional way to attach a broadhead to an arrow shaft, hot glue has its advantages. The number one reason many love hot glue is in particular that it makes it easy to remove broadheads. It should be noted, however, that you have to heat a broadhead when removing it, which can damage the broadhead. It is therefore important that you take extra caution when removing a hot glue-connected broadhead. To avoid damage to the steel, it is advisable to use a low heat source. Some broadheads are also available without a ceramic coating. When removing a broadhead without ceramic coating, extra care must be taken not to damage the finish of the broadhead.

Personally, instead of a torch, I recommend using an alcohol burner. A torch generates heat that can damage the tip of the breakhead. An alcohol burner gives you enough heat and ensures that the glue’s composition is maintained. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of hot glue include.


  • Easy to use for screwing broadheads It is possible to remove a broadhead easily.
  • It is easy to align the broadhead after gluing.
  • This type of glue has been in use for a long time and is therefore tested and tested.
  • Due to the heat of the glue, there is a chance of burning it.


  • Because the glue is hot, it is possible to burn it.
  • It is not possible to use it without the use of a glue gun and heating device.

Cold Glue:

You can use cold glue or super glue for this option. And although it’s a relatively new option, it has its advantages. The process of fastening a broadhead with cold glue is the same as fastening it with hot glue. The only difference with the two options for glue is that cold glue instantly sets in. This option is ideal in this respect for archers participating in tournaments and competitions. Cold glue, however, takes some time to get started. If the glue you buy comes with a manual, it will have details about how long it takes to insert the glue.

Cold Glue

Cold glue, however, is not always the best option in my personal view. I used it before, and when it starts, I find it brittle. Unlike hot glue, it is also not so easy to remove a broadhead that has been attached with cold glue. The reason is that you may need to purchase some special chemicals to remove the breakhead. So I don’t like the fact that removing a broadhead could be costly, either. Cold glue, however, has its advantages. One of the main advantages of this glue is the strength of the glue to withstand an impact. This is the best way to attach a broadhead if you’re a bowhunter. In fact, one of its disadvantages is the strength of cold glue, i.e. it is not easy to remove the broadhead with cold glue.

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  • It is fast and easy because it is instantaneous.
  • There are fewer tools required compared to the use of hot glue.
  • There is no risk of damage to the broadhead.


  • It is difficult to align especially if you use superglue.
  • Once the glue is brittle, it is almost impossible to remove.
  • the broadheads attached with cold glue.

How To Screw Broadheads : Installing Broadheads

There are two main methods of tying and gluing an arrow shaft with a broadhead. Binding involves the use of a rope where you bind the broadhead with a rope to the arrow shaft. This is a traditional way to screw a broadhead and is never effective. In this section, I’ll concentrate on the second gluing method. Three steps are taken when it comes to gluing a broadhead on an arrow shaft. These are prepared, glued and aligned. It is important to go thoroughly through these three stages, which I will do in this section. When attaching a broadhead with hot glue and cold glue, these three steps apply.

How To Screw Broadheads : Installing Broadheads


Step number one prepares the parts for attaching the broadhead to the shaft of the arrow. There are two ways to glue a broadhead. The use of adapters connecting the broadhead to the arrow shaft is included. The second is to attach the broadhead directly without an adapter to the arrow shaft.

If you use the second method, clean the part of the broadhead attached to the arrow shaft first. To rough up the part to be attached, use a sand paper or steel wool. After you clean the part attached with alcohol or finger nail polish. The purpose of this is to remove any oil residues on the broadhead surface. Clean the broadhead with the finger nail polish or alcohol if you use an adapter. Clean the part of the arrow shaft attached to the broadhead. Whether you use aluminum, carbon or wooden arrows, make sure you clean them before you glue the breasthead.


The second step is the actual gluing of the front and the arrow shaft together. As mentioned above, hot or cold glue can be used. Alternatively, you can connect the two with super glue. If you choose to use hot glue, the glue must first be heated. Use a heat source based on alcohol. Apply the glue to the front. Be sure to use a glue gun because hot glue can burn your hands. Next, head the broadhead with a heat source based on alcohol to prevent damage. Excess heat in excess of 1200 Fahrenheit damages the broadhead. Then cool down the glue. While the glue cools, manually align the broadhead with pliers.

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You don’t have to heat the glue with cold or super glue, and all you have to do is apply it to the broadhead. And unlike hot glue, cold glue instantly sets in and you have to align your head quickly.


The alignment process is one of the most important steps in the mounting of a broadhead. Before, during and after gluing, it is advisable to align the broadhead and arrow shaft. One easy way to align a broadhead on an arrow is to spin it on a smooth surface.

This may not be a sufficient method, however, and a commercial aligner will be required. A number of aligners are available for your purchase. Place the arrow on the aligner to align the broadhead. Next, spin the arrow to read the alignment of the arrow.

FAQs: What Should Be Used To Screw On Broadheads

What is used to screw on broadheads?

There are a few different ways to screw on broadheads, but the most common is to use a pair of needle nose pliers. This ensures that the broadhead is tight and will not come loose during use.

Should I glue broadheads?

It is not necessary to glue broadheads, but some people prefer to do so. This helps to keep the broadhead from coming loose and also makes it easier to remove when you are finished using it.

How do you tighten broadheads?

Tightening broadheads is important in order to keep them from coming loose during use. The best way to do this is with a pair of needle nose pliers.

How do you set up broadheads?

There are a few different ways to set up broadheads, but the most common is to use a pair of needle nose pliers. This ensures that the broadhead is tight and will not come loose during use.

How do you put glue on broadheads?

Gluing broadheads is not necessary, but some people prefer to do so. This helps to keep the broadhead from coming loose and also makes it easier to remove when you are finished using it. The best way to glue broadheads is with a hot glue gun.

What is the only arrowhead used for big game?

The only arrowhead that can be used for big game is a broadhead. This type of arrowhead is specifically designed to penetrate the thick hide and flesh of large animals.

What is instinctive aiming method?

The instinctive aiming method is a way of shooting an arrow without using sights. This technique relies on the archer’s natural ability to aim, and is often used by experienced shooters.

What should be used to screw on broadheads hunters Ed?

When attaching broadheads to arrows, hunters should always use an adhesive or glue designed specifically for this purpose. This will ensure that the broadheads are securely attached and will not come loose during flight.


Deer hunting is about the equipment you are using and how well you understand some of the tools you are using. In this regard, you need to know how and what to use to screw on broadheads when you attach a broadhead. Therefore, whether you use the best carbon arrows or wooden arrows, how you screw the broadheads will affect your hunting success.