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What's The Bear's Name + 5 More Amazing Facts!

Published: December 26, 2021

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Bear cubs are very large creatures! Did you know that menacing apex predators love to eat berries and fruit? How about that black bear might not always be black fur? Stay tuned for some amazing baby bear facts and check out some adorable baby bear photos!

#1: Baby bears are called cubs!

baby bear and mother
Newborn bears are called cubs!


When a cub is born, it is called a cub. Young pigs are born to sows, their adult mothers, and boars, their adult fathers. A group of cubs is called a litter, while a group of adults is called a sleuth or sloth.

Cubs are not called cubs until they are about one year old. They are then called yearlings. One-year-old cubs stay with their mother until they are one and a half to two years old.

#2: Baby black bears aren’t always black

baby bear crawling
The spirit bear is a black bear with white fur!


Some black bear cubs are born with fur that doesn't quite match their name. Did you know that a black bear's fur can range from light blond to blue-gray?

The Kermode is a subspecies of the black bear and is also known as a split bear because of its white fur, despite being a black bear. Located in Alaska, the spirit bear is named for its ghostly white fur.

#3: Baby Bear is Tiny

running baby bear
The cubs are as small as newborns and about the size of the palm of your hand.

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Cubs weigh an average of 1 pound at birth and fit easily in the palm of your hand. By the time they are 6 months old, they weigh about 6 pounds.

However, as adults, they are very large. The average weight of an adult male black bear is 400 pounds, and an adult female black bear is about 200 pounds. Bear cubs are tiny compared to how big they've grown!

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#4: There are only 8 species of baby bears

baby bear
There are eight different types of bears.


Unlike many other animals, there are only eight different types of bears. Here's a brief overview:

  • North American black bear
  • sun bear
  • polar bear
  • panda
  • sloth bear
  • Asian or "moon" bear
  • andean bear
  • brown bear

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten one. A grizzly is one part brown bear! In fact, there are many, many subspecies of brown and black bears.

#5: Little Bear Lives in a Tree

baby bear brothers and sisters
Asian bear cubs make their home in a tree!


Asiatic bear cubs nest in trees to sleep, hide, and even eat. Most bears live under rocks or in burrows to make their nests, however, this bear does it differently.

Mother bears build nests for themselves and their babies in trees, while cubs grow up in trees and learn to survive. Some species even use trees as nannies for their young. The mothers will not go far, and the cubs can notify the mother when they see danger.

#6: Sunbear Cubs Study Anytime, Anywhere

baby bear on the tree
Sun bear cubs have hairless paws, making it easier for them to live in trees.

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Unlike most other bear species, sun bear cubs are ready to go out with their mom and start their journey as early as 2 months old!

Sun bears have several evolutionary advantages that allow them to make their homes in trees. For example, they have tiny four-inch claws, which make them nimble enough to balance on tree branches. Their claws are also hairless, making it easier to gain traction.


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baby bear brothers and sisters

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

what's the baby bear's name

Little bears are called cubs. Female bears are called sows and male bears are called boars. A group of baby bears is called a litter, and a group of adult bears is called a sloth or detective. Cubs are cubs until they are two years old, at which point they become one-year-old cubs.

How much does Baby Bear weigh?

There are eight species of bears, but on average, a newborn cub weighs between half a pound and a pound and a half. When cubs are ready to emerge in the spring, they will gain about 5 pounds.

What does baby bear eat?

Bears are mammals, so their young nurses come from their mothers. While a mother bear naps in hibernation, her cubs nurse until they are full. Once they are out of the den, the pups begin weaning in the summer and begin tasting their mother's food after leaving the den. Bears love to eat fish, leaves, bugs, fruit, berries and more!

Where does Baby Bear live?

Pups are born in nests chosen by their mothers for birth and hibernation. They are born between November and February and stay in the den until spring, when they come out together to see the world for the first time. Once out of the maternity ward, the family will continue to search for a home that is more suitable for their growing family.

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