Where do deer go during the day

Where do deer go during the day

In this article i said about detail information Where do deer go during the day, keep reading to know more. It’s up to the weather. They’re going to bed down on a sunny hillside if it’s cold. They may find a thicket if it’s rainy. They find very close cover if it’s windy, which makes it difficult to approach them without revealing yourself.

Where do deer hide during the day?

During and out of season, I stalked deer a lot. I stalked deer for hours getting as close as five or ten feet in Oklahoma, where people are actually hunting. On a windy day, I once surprised a deer, lying behind a dead tree. I got up on the tree and he sprang up and knocked me down. I knew he could be there, but I didn’t know I was so close. I got within feet of do on other occasions and waited until they left and followed their buck. I got him that day after a long stalk of about an hour.

It takes patience to stalk. Some people still call it hunting. You stand up and look and listen for nearly ten minutes for every three or four steps. Before they see you, you try to see the deer. It means paying attention to the wind and stalking from down wind (into the wind) to rob them of that advantage. You’re using scent control to smell something else, or nothing at all. No tobacco, beer, aftershave or anything else in the woods you don’t smell.

Then it’s all about controlling your noise and watching the deer move sharply before he sees you. You can spot an ear twitch, or his head’s movement, and then you will be in charge of timing your movements when he doesn’t look. You know where he is, but where you are, he doesn’t know. You move from him to screen yourself, without losing sight of him all the time.

For more than an hour, I stalked three deers. I also got within twenty feet of them when they fell down on a steel ridge’s lip. I gave up thinking they took off. Rather than bellying to the edge to take a look. I just walked over and looked down, uncocked and not ready to shoot my black powder rifle. About eight deers were under me, three bucks among them. They looked up at me and got off. I was just standing there, watching. As a rule, I’m not shooting deer running. If I had continued my stalk and had been on my belly, I could have had my bucks pick, everything would have been within stone throwing distance and would have been an easy shot.

Most of the day, white-tailed deer hide in the cover. This could be a swamp, thick brush and bushes, in tall grass, in pine thickets, in a brier patch, wherever it can’t be seen, or in dense woods where it’s unnoticeable. 2:00 PM is the time when white-tails are most likely to sleep. Often they hide where they can smell, see or hear danger approaching. During the rut, during bad weather, things are different when people pressure them, when they need to feed or get water, or something disturbs their hiding place. Younger deer tend to be less careful.

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