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Zodiac Signs for April 14: Signs, Traits, Compatibility and More

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The horoscope for April 14th belongs to the first sign of the zodiac: Aries! As an Aries, you may have noticed your fiery personality and drive in life. If your birthday falls on April 14, what additional influences will appear in your personality besides all the wonderful traits you get from the Ram?

In this article, we're going to dive deep into not just Aries, but everything you need to know about Aries, especially those born on April 14. From the influence of the planets in your life to numerological connections, here's everything you need to know about April 14 Aries. let's start!

Horoscope for April 14: Aries

April 14 Zodiac
As a major fire sign, Aries generally has explosive energy.


Born anytime between March 20 and April 20, depending on the calendar year, people born under the sign of Aries are a cardinal fire sign. Cardinal forms make for natural leaders, as they are often the firemakers and instigators of the zodiac. This is more the case with Aries than any other cardinal sign because Aries also starts our horoscope wheel.

Speaking of the astrological wheel, each sign occupies approximately 30 degrees on the wheel. But did you know that these 30-degree components can be further subdivided based on your birthday? Also known as decans, your sun sign can be assisted by another planet or sign of the same element as you! Let's take a closer look at how decans work.


While this depends largely on the calendar year you were born in, the Aries sectors can be broken down as follows, with each sector occupying 10 degrees of the 30-degree Aries sun sign on the astrological wheel:

  • The first interval of Aries: Aries interval . Ruled by Mars and the most prominent Aries personality. Birthdays include March 20 to approximately March 29.
  • The second interval of Aries: Leo interval . Ruled by the Sun and some Leo personality traits. Birthdays include March 30 to April 9.
  • The third interval of Aries: Sagittarius interval . Ruled by Jupiter and some Sagittarius personality traits. Birthdays include April 10 to April 20.

As an Aries on April 14, you're likely to be in the third decan of Aries, regardless of the calendar year! This means you have an extra planetary influence from Jupiter. But how do planets manifest in our personalities and everyday life? Let's look at yours in particular.

April 14 Zodiac: Ruling Planets

April 14 Zodiac
Mars is the planet of battle and confrontation, which usually manifests itself in Aries.


If you're an Aries, you're ruled by Mars, so you're heavily influenced by Mars. Through its association with the god of war, Mars rules our instincts, passions, and energy. It often represents how we get angry, what we fight for, and how each of us lives. As an Aries, you have this ferocious and powerful energy at all times.

Mars is the planet of battle and confrontation, which usually manifests itself in Aries. That's not to say every Aries will start a fight, but they'll certainly be the ones to end the fight — and they'll win. Mars makes Aries naturally hot-headed and able to stand up for himself to the end.

However, this is not the only planetary influence in Aries on April 14th. Given your third decan position, Aries born on this day may also have a strong connection to Jupiter. Jupiter, also known as the Great Auspicious Planet, is a planet associated with luck, opportunity, and philosophy. It is the largest planet in our solar system and rules the constellation Sagittarius.

Due to Jupiter's secondary influence, April 14 Aries may value opportunity, success, and may even be a little luckier than the average Aries. Additionally, Jupiter is the planet of optimism and belief, which may show up in your personality. While it's easy for this gas giant to dream a little too big, April 14 Aries may have the drive to achieve such lofty goals!

April 14: Numerology and other associations

April 14 Zodiac
There is no doubt that the Aries sun sign is closely related to the Ram.

© BORIMAT PRAOKAEW/Shutterstock.com

It is also important to pay close attention to numerology when dissecting specific birthdays in astrology. Specifically for birthdays on April 14th, we add 1+4 to get the number 5. This is a very important number when paired with Aries in the third house, as it represents the material world, creating things with one's own hands, and flexibility.

Aries born on April 14 may have a creative interest, however small. With further Sagittarius influence, this particular birthday Aries could be interested in all sorts of things. Sagittarius is a mutable sign known for being optimistic and flexible, and the number 5 echoes this. April 14 born signs are unlikely to worry about how to achieve their goals; however, they may need some help narrowing down their list!

There is no doubt that the Aries sun sign is closely related to the Ram. The symbolism of this sign is essentially a ram, with curved horns. A ram is an excellent metaphor for Aries, as each of these fire signs has a typically headstrong personality. Rams are also extremely resourceful and resilient, capable of reaching heights that others can only dream of. Aries are self-reliant and sometimes make mistakes, just like Rams.

April 14 Zodiac: Personality and Traits

April 14 Zodiac
Aries is the sign of infancy, unaffected by anyone or anything.

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As a major fire sign, Aries generally has explosive energy. They are also the first sign on the astrological wheel, which can mean many things to the Aries personality. The representative of infancy, Aries is not affected by anyone or anything, and was born into this world without any signs. This means they are very calm individuals who thrive on sheer energy and curiosity.

Aries born on April 14 can be especially curious and open-minded, given Jupiter's influence. The senses are also important to the April 14 horoscope because of their connection to the number five. After all, we have five senses and five numbers, which might inspire April 14 Aries to create and manifest things in the physical world.

Physical fitness is important to Aries, especially if you are connected to Sagittarius. This could be an active individual with a strong sense of self. Aries on April 14 are enthusiastic and optimistic, which may help temper the anger Aries usually displays when this fire sign doesn't get what they want. Remember, Aries was just born, in many different senses of the word!

As the youngest sign in the zodiac, Aries has boundless energy. They don't hesitate to invest this energy in people, work, or themselves, and would rather take the extra step to accomplish something their own way than take someone else's advice. Because that's both a plus and minus for the average Aries: they don't want to do things your way, no matter how easy it might be!

Aries Strengths and Weaknesses for April 14th

In addition to the stubborn and willful personality, Aries has many other advantages and disadvantages. Their childlike energy is a blessing to anyone who needs a little drive and excitement in their life. The heart of the average Aries, especially those born on April 14, is often beautiful and rare in our weary world.

However, with this childlike energy comes a limited ability to regulate emotions. The average Aries may be notoriously hot-headed, outspoken, and quick to deal with their feelings. You'll hear their anger one moment, try to appease them, and find that they've moved on to happier things the next moment. Fickle is a good word to describe Aries, although their hearts are always in a good place.

Considering the influence of the Sagittarius interval, Aries on April 14 may be more changeable. Finding uses for their energy for this birthday is important, especially if they find that they often burn too hot and fast for their own good. Aries lives every day to the fullest. It also means embracing their emotions fully, no matter how fleeting their feelings may be!

April 14 Zodiac: Career and Interests

April 14 Zodiac
While an Aries is an excellent leader, it's important for them to only lead a position that interests them.

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April 14 Aries may find they are especially lucky in the workplace. While finding a job that piques the interest of this fire sign can be a bit difficult, Aries on April 14 will have plenty of Jupiter's blessing to help with that. Also, the number 5 may bring additional work flexibility to April 14 Aries. If you're an April 14 sign, making things with your own hands might appeal to you.

It's important for Aries to burn off excess energy so they don't get bored at work. Jobs that support physical labor may work well. While an Aries is an excellent leader, it's important for them to only lead a position that interests them. Having a job that allows them to complete a variety of tasks may appeal to an Aries, especially those born on April 14!

Here are some good careers or interests for an April 14 Aries:

  • A career in sports, both individually and as a team
  • sports trainer or health coach
  • International Jobs with Lots of Travel Opportunities
  • work with animals or pets
  • Creative endeavors, especially painting, woodworking, or carving
  • medical careers with many different tasks

April 14 Zodiac Relationships

April 14 Zodiac
While Aries values love and passion, they value themselves above all else.

© paseven/Shutterstock.com

Aries can be the sign that falls in love quickly before falling in love with someone completely. Remember, this is a sign of endless energy. Wasting their time, even a fraction of it, is never okay with an Aries. While Aries values love and passion, they value themselves above all else. This makes it easy for an Aries to leave a relationship when they think it's no longer right for them.

Flexibility is definitely associated with Aries on April 14, for better or worse. Their placement in the Sagittarius decan makes them naturally interested in all kinds of people, but they're also the easiest to ghost someone if they find other things occupying their minds. Aries on April 14 will be very perceptive, but mortgages and marriage may not be immediately on their minds.

That's not to say Aries can't commit. They are very caring, energetic and open people. But Aries on April 14th may have many romantic opportunities, which may make it more likely that they will enjoy many rewarding relationships throughout their lives, rather than being with the first person they fall for.

Aries has a lot to give: energy, compassion, enthusiasm. This is someone who will be drawn to someone who is composed and has his own inner life and drive. While patience and compromise can be valuable to the average Aries, the flexibility of April 14 Aries may make these tasks easier.

April 14 Zodiac Compatibility

April 14 Zodiac
Aries has a lot to give: energy, compassion, enthusiasm.


To form a partnership with an Aries, it's important to have a strong sense of self. April 14 Aries may be attracted to people who appear calm and respectful, confident and speak clearly. The average Aries is straightforward in everything they do, and feels safest with someone who is equally forthright and open.

When dating an Aries, it's important to keep in mind the volatile nature of Aries. While no one should be a doormat in front of an Aries, it's a sign to take things to the max before moving on with the next breath. When falling in love with an Aries, no matter what day they were born, it's important to remain unwavering in these emotional displays!

People born under the April 14 zodiac sign are especially attracted to people who travel a lot and lead interesting lives. Having enough energy to keep up with an Aries is important, and someone with a wide range of interests may attract the ever-curious April 14 Aries. This is the sign that knows how to arrange the funniest and entertaining dates, so be sure to buckle up!

Horoscope for April 14

As a fire sign, Aries is naturally attracted to air signs or other fire signs because they naturally understand how Aries thinks. April 14 Aries may be attracted to particularly creative signs, but it will certainly depend on the overall state of your birth chart. In terms of classic sun sign matches, here are some potential compatible partnerships for Aries:

  • Libra . Opposite Aries in the horoscope, Libra is also a cardinal sign. However, they are of the Air element, ruled by Venus, which makes them naturally interested in the arts, intellectual pursuits, and beauty. Opposites attract, and Aries will find Libra's pragmatic way of life endless. While they may bicker at times because they are both cardinals, Libra values compromise and harmony and will fight for it in a relationship with Aries.
  • Sagittarius . A mutable fire sign with a direct connection to Aries on April 14th, Sagittarius is an energetic and free-thinking sign. Aries are naturally attracted to their bold personalities, especially those born on April 14 will understand Sagittarius' communication style. Also, Sagittarius values individuality and freedom, which may help Aries feel comfortable.
  • Leo . Another fire sign, Leo and Aries can be fiery and fast-burning. However, generally Leo's fixed and loyal nature helps temper Aries' potential capricious nature. While these two stubborn signs may rub each other the wrong way, they also have the potential for a luxurious and committed relationship.


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