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Zodiac Signs for April 21: Signs, Traits, Compatibility and More

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Taurus season runs approximately from April 20 to May 20, depending on the calendar year. This means that, as the sign of April 21st, you are indeed a Taurus, just at the beginning of Taurus season! But your birthday doesn't just mean you're a Bull. We can learn a lot about a person through astrology, numerology and symbolic connections.

And that's exactly what we'll do in this article. We'll dive into all things Taurus, especially those born on April 21. We won't just address the potential strengths and weaknesses of this earth sign. We'll also draw from symbolism and numerology to learn everything we need to know about the person with this particular birthday. let's start!

April 21 Constellation: Taurus

April 21 Zodiac
Taurus is completely grounded in reality.

©Vadim Sadovski/Shutterstock.com

The second sign of the zodiac, Taurus represents youthful stability. This is a fixed earth sign after all, the sign of deep roots, stubbornness, and dedication. As a Taurus born April 21, you belong to the beginning of Taurus season. This means you represent the height of your Taurus personality, especially compared to other birthday Tauruses!

But why? Well, there are other astrological influences on our birthdays, depending on when they fall in the season of our sun sign. Given that each sign makes up 30 degrees of the astrological wheel, it's safe to say that various transits, influences, etc. will occur within a sign. It's worth noting that intervals are to blame for why a Taurus born at the beginning of Taurus season is slightly different than a Taurus born at the end of Taurus season!


We can break down the 30 degree increments of the sun sign into smaller parts called decans. These intervals change roughly every nine to ten days during your sun sign season, which is why Taurus on May 5 is not the same as Taurus on April 21! It's important to note that the astrological sign that belongs to the same element as your sun sign rules decans minorly. Still confused? Here's how a Taurus interval works on a day-to-day basis:

  • The first is the Taurus interval . From April 20 to approximately April 29. This is considered the Taurus decan of Taurus, meaning those born during this period appear as classic Taurus signs ruled by Venus.
  • The second Taurus interval . From April 30 to approximately May 9. This is considered the Virgo decan of Taurus, that is, those born during this time have some Virgo character traits, ruled by the minor ruler of Mercury.
  • The third Taurus interval . From May 10th to approximately May 20th. This is considered to be the Capricorn decan of Taurus, which means that those born during this time have some Capricorn character traits, ruled by the minor ruler of Saturn.

As a Taurus born April 21, you're a Taurus through and through! Venus is your only planetary influence, so how influential is it. Now let's talk a little more about Venus and how it affects Taurus.

Ruler of the Zodiac for April 21

April 21 Zodiac
Anything rooted in reality is very important to a Taurus.


Venus rules Taurus and Libra, giving these two signs different priorities and ways of expressing themselves. When it comes to Taurus, Venus makes the Bulls interested in sensuality. This manifests itself in different ways, but it's important to first break down what Venus actually represents.

Known as our planet of the senses, Venus represents love, aesthetics, art, beauty and indulgence, and is a powerful personal planet. It rules Taurus, making this earth sign interested in art, the beauty of our world, and how they sensibly interpret such a world.

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This is because Taurus loves all things tangible. Anything rooted in reality is very important to a Taurus. Libra may daydream and use Venus' influence to explore lofty ideas and aesthetics, while Taurus is fully grounded in reality. Venus helps them see the beauty in everyday life, encouraging Taurus to use their senses to make the most of each day, no matter how simple it may be.

Because, while Venus is a planet built on indulgence, it teaches April 21 Taurus how to indulge in their own simple ways. That's not to say that Taurus don't indulge themselves, they tend to indulge too much for their own benefit! But Venus asks Taurus to slow down, take in all the wonders of the world, and learn how to appreciate it using all five senses and Taurus' signature devotion!

April 21: Numerology and other associations

April 21 Zodiac
The average Taurus has the same stable and hard-working soul that the average Bull has.

© iStock.com/Wayne Martin

You can't talk about Taurus without mentioning their relationship with the Bull. Not only is this manifested in the Taurus zodiac sign and symbol of Taurus, but there are several other undeniable connections on a personal level. The average Taurus has the same stable and hard-working soul that the average Bull has.

While it's all too common to hear "you pissed off the bull, you got the horns," Taurus horns don't happen without a lot of provocation. The same goes for pit bulls or other bulls: unless you mess with them, they won't mess with you! Taurus is a peaceful person, but you won't win over them if you choose to stir up their deep-seated anger.

Aside from some obvious Ox relatedness, April 21 Taurus should especially focus on numerology. The number 3 comes into your life when we add the number from your specific date of birth. It's a number associated with logic, positivity, and measurable excitement. After all Jupiter rules the number 3, a big planet known for philosophy, optimism, and personal growth.

The number 3 is prevalent throughout history and on many different subjects. Taurus born on April 21 may benefit from this versatile number in many ways. This number has a sense of methodical thought, especially when combined with Taurus' keen sense of the passage of time. Nothing is accidental or spontaneous with a Taurus, and the number 3 helps Taurus on April 21 take calculated steps to achieve their goals.

Zodiac April 21: Taurus Personality and Traits

April 21 Zodiac
Firmness, patience, and strength are all part of the April 21 Taurus personality.

© Algernon77/Shutterstock.com

To fully understand Taurus, we need to take a closer look at a few different things. It's important to address Taurus' fixed patterns first. This is a sign that thrives on stability, no matter what they look like. Their fixed nature makes them incredible when it comes to commitment and routine, though this is definitely a sign known for its stubbornness.

Likewise, Taurus is represented by the element of earth. Taurus is the wealthiest and most extravagant earth sign thanks to Venus. Hardworking, pragmatic, and nurturing, earth signs have a natural love of growing up and watching others grow in their lives. Taurus is steadfast, with both feet firmly planted in the ground they love.

Firmness, patience, and strength are all part of the April 21 Taurus personality. This is someone who works hard and still knows how to live in luxury without fear of judgment. Given that Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, they represent youth and are often associated with toddlers.

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Because this age group is absolutely obsessed with using their senses to interpret the world around them. Taurus born on April 21 know how to achieve their ambitious goals while still making time to appreciate their life using all 5 senses. Physical things are extremely important to a Taurus, and like a toddler, you should try to never take physical things from a Taurus, lest they cause a tantrum!

Taurus Strengths and Weaknesses

April 21 Zodiac
Stubbornness is of course the weakness of Taurus.

©Tanya Antusenok/Shutterstock.com

It's no secret that Taurus is patient and giving. Although associated with youth, it's not necessarily a sign of selfishness. In fact, Taurus are very loyal friends, partners and family members. In many ways, this is their main strength and weakness: April 21 Taurus' staying power makes them dependable, but it can also mean they stick around much longer than they should.

This is why many people think Taurus is lazy. That's certainly an unfair assumption, especially when you consider the work ethic of the average bull. However, Taurus' inability to change shows up in every aspect of their personality, from relationships to careers to opinions. If you're in conflict with a Taurus, never expect to influence their thinking or long-held opinions!

Stubbornness is of course a Taurus weakness, especially when you consider their fixed modality. It's a sign of knowing what they're talking about, for better or for worse. Taurus will ask you to love them for who they are, or find someone else because they are not interested in change! In return, however, Taurus offers those in their lives an endless fascination for luxury and detail, as well as a steadfast friend.

Career Choices for April 21 Zodiac Signs

April 21 Zodiac
A culinary career is a natural choice for Taurus.


Taurus born on April 21 may find themselves attracted to many careers. All earth signs tend to have a strong work ethic that becomes part of their personality. This is especially true for Taurus, considering how long they tend to stay in a job. However, Taurus will thrive if they have a job that takes them off work so they can enjoy the things in life that really matter!

Taurus people born on April 21 can thrive in almost any career, though they don't seek the spotlight. Because of the number 3, April 21 Taurus will use their step-by-step attitude to meet regular deadlines, make steady progress, and even inspire those around them to work with similar dedication.

It's important for Taurus to have some way of integrating their senses into their professional life. This can manifest in many ways, from using your hands to playing music. Art and music in particular excite a Taurus, although a culinary career is also a natural choice for Taurus. Greenery and new life are also important to this young spring sign, so working with plants or young children might benefit an April 21 Bull!

April 21 Zodiac Relationships and Love

April 21 Zodiac
Once a Taurus has chosen the person they want to commit to, they waste no time.

©Golden Dayz/Shutterstock.com

Taurus is a great sign to fall in love, even if the courtship part of this romance may take a while. Although very picky when it comes to love (Taurus usually have lots of friends due to Venus and their ability to have a good time!), Taurus tend to take their time. They like thoroughness and deliberation, especially Taurus associated with the number 3!

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This is definitely a sign to benefit from someone else's first move. However, it's also important to remember how fixed the Taurus way is. This is not someone who wants to do anything outside of their wheelhouse. Many Taurus struggle in the early stages of a relationship because their commitment is where they really shine.

Once a Taurus has chosen the person they want to commit to, they waste no time. Like Aries before them, Taurus don't like to waste money when it comes to settling down. They're built on a solid foundation, and they want to share that timelessness with someone special as soon as possible!

While this loyal heart is a beautiful thing, April 21 Taurus should be wary of partners who may not be as committed as they are. Taurus are easy to take advantage of in love, especially since they want to indulge the person they are with. This is how a Taurus can quickly run out of money, patience, and compassion if they team up with someone who doesn't value who they really are!

Potential Matches and Compatibility for April 21 Zodiac Signs

April 21 Zodiac
Taurus is easy to take advantage of in love.

©iStock.com/Svetlana Soloveva

The relationship between earth signs and fire signs can be tricky because they get burned easily. Water signs nourish their more emotional side, which most earth signs desperately need. While the wisdom and ideas of air signs attract most earth signs, the frivolity and noble nature of most air signs may not appeal to Taurus.

However, there really are no incompatible pairs in the zodiac because we are all individuals with complex needs and birth charts! On paper and in traditional astrology, here are some compatible pairings for Taurus born April 21:

  • Virgo . As an earth sign, Virgo adores Taurus' commitment to the simple beauty of everyday life. Virgos are mutable, which means they're likely to do well with a fixed sign like Taurus. Plus, Virgo is the natural guardian of the zodiac and understands how to protect the April 21 zodiac from overexpansion.
  • scorpio . The fixedness that Scorpio and Taurus share is often where they have the most trouble. However, Scorpio opposes Taurus on the horoscope wheel, which means they have the same goals but different ways of achieving said goals. Scorpio will commit to Taurus and help them connect to their emotional realm, although both signs will eventually need to learn how to compromise!
  • Pisces . Another mutable sign like Virgo, but a water sign like Scorpio, Pisces is the spiritual guardian of the zodiac. They are highly creative and intelligent, which appeals to Taurus. Plus, Pisces knows what Taurus needs emotionally and in everyday life, which might help nourish this hardworking Bull!


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