A selection of great hunting-themed online games


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Whether it’s deer hunting in the US or fox hunting in Northern Ireland, humans have always hunted. Be it for food to eat or as a sport, we’ve always entered wild areas to hunt. As such, it’s hardly surprising to see a variety of hunting video games come to the fore over the years, some of which provide genuine entertainment. 


Animal-themed video games have always been popular anyway. People today adore wreaking havoc in Untitled Goose Game, games based on a happy and vibrant farm such as in Little Farm by 3 Oaks are excellent, while gaming communities have also explored classics like Donkey Kong Country and Sonic the Hedgehog. While hunting video games do differ in terms of their ultimate aim, animal-themed video games have always pulled in gaming audiences. 


In case you’re keen on supplementing your hunting adventures with a few hunting video games to sample, then below is a look at some excellent titles in this area. 


Hunting Simulator 2 offers a realistic hunting package in the virtual world 


Kicking things off with a title specializing in replicating a real-life hunting scenario in the virtual world, Hunting Simulator 2 is hard to fault. Gamers choose the perfect ammunition to get the job done, you can employ a variety of hunting tactics, you’ll have a dog by your side during your hunting adventures, and the game’s graphics are immaculate. In terms of providing hunters with a viable hunting video game to get stuck into, the makers of Hunting Simulator 2 have absolutely nailed it. 


Big Buck Hunter Reloaded is a top release from 2020


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A game that has been in circulation since 2020, Big Buck Hunter is an extremely fun release from this category. Occasionally found in arcades, the aim of the game is to get as many kills as possible in order to finish as high up on the leaderboard as you can. While expert hunters might not appreciate the game’s lack of realism, there is no denying just how entertaining it is. Even the mini games are a blast, although they probably aren’t for everyone. 


Cabela’s North American Adventures is a stunning title


Initially released in 2010, Cabela’s North American Adventures offers a realistic hunting package similar to the way Hunting Simulator 2 does, although the game’s graphics aren’t quite as detailed. Still, for a relatively old product, Cabela’s North American Adventures is a top title from this particular genre. Not only can gamers hunt a lot in this one, but there is a cameraman accompanying you during your mission. Additionally, you have to consistently execute clean shots, while the cameraman also needs to get the perfect footage. 

Way Of The Hunter provides plenty of entertainment 

Way Of The Hunter has been entertaining gamers since 2022, and it’s easy to see why. While it does feature some realistic elements, it’s a game that purists might not warm to due to the evident fun aspect that the game’s makers were clearly trying to create. While it might not be as authentic as other releases, it does champion ethical hunting. It’s also easier for inexperienced gamers to grasp.

theHunter: Call of the Wild is perfect

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Yet another fantastic product from this somewhat niche category of gaming, theHunter: Call of the Wild is perfect. Released in 2017, it’s packed full of realistic environments, every animal is unique in terms of their behaviors, while you’ll also have to be stealthy throughout, perhaps by avoiding any twigs that could scare a potential hunt off. Available to play on PC, this detailed hunting release simply had to make this particular list.