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What the Kid Is Called + 4 More Amazing Facts!

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Have you ever wondered what a kid is called? Why do they have strangely shaped eyes? We've got all the answers you could possibly need to know about baby goats (and more!).

Let's start by learning about the baby goat's name, followed by 5 fun facts and adorable photos!

#1: The Kid Is Called a Child

kid playing
The kid is called a kid.

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The little goat is called the little goat ! A group of children is called a tribe or group of children.

You know what mother goats do when they give birth is called a joke?

And what about goats being the only babies in the animal kingdom who are called children? Of course, if you don't count human babies!

#2: Goats Naturally Oblong Pupils

kid goat closeup
The pupils of goat kids give them amazing peripheral vision.


In the animal kingdom, children are certainly not known as predators. As such, they have evolved to have incredible peripheral vision to avoid becoming prey!

Young goats are born with rectangular pupils. This allows them to see their wider surroundings, making them safer. Goats can also see well in the dark because their oddly shaped pupils let in plenty of light.

In addition to increasing their peripheral vision, these rectangular pupils allow children to see in multiple directions at once. This means that when a threat looms, these adorable mammals are able to see it coming sooner than animals that lack this ability. This is a prime example of how evolution helps animals survive!

#3: Baby goats have four-chambered stomachs

kid running
The stomach of a goat has four chambers.


The diet of herbivores consists mainly of plants and grasses. However, this can make it difficult for the kid to get the nutrients they need. Therefore, they are born with four-chambered stomachs.

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These chambers allow them to obtain all possible energy and nutrients from the food they eat without having to chew the food completely. Once the food is half-chewed, they swallow it. Microbes in their chambered stomachs then do the rest of the hard work. While their bellies are working hard, they are busy finding more grass to graze on.

#4: Goats Can Hear Accents

baby goat portrait
Goat kids can pick up accents based on where they're from.

© iStock.com/Tuna

The call made by the goat is called bleating. Just like human babies, goat kids will let you know what they need through their voices. Another thing baby goats have in common with us is that they may have regional accents. In fact, goat kids can sometimes even be identified by their calls.

#5: Baby Goats Can Stand Right From Birth

kid jumping
Goats are able to walk soon after birth, sometimes even right away.

© iStock.com/Tutye

Goats are fully developed at birth. Assuming both the mother goat and the kid are healthy, usually, the newborn kid will walk immediately or within a few minutes of birth. Children are stupid, playful creatures.

Goat kids also quickly learn how to run. By the time they're about a year old, they're coordinated enough to start running, jumping, and playing with the other babies in the herd.

Some of their favorite activities include running and jumping from rocks, hills and even haystacks! Kids also love to play with other kids in the family and can often be seen running around and fighting with other kids.


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kid jumping

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much does the kid weigh?

Baby goats weigh between 4 and 12 pounds at birth. By the time they are two months old, they weigh 30 to 50 pounds! Adult doe goats or sitters will grow to around 110 to 180 pounds. However, an adult billy goat or billy goat can weigh between 140 and 200 pounds.

What do kid goats eat?

Goats are mammals, which means their young are nursed by their mothers. Baby goats suckle from birth until they are about two and a half months old. Goats are also herbivores, so they eat plants and vegetation only after they are fully weaned. However, they start grazing lightly in the 2 to 3 week old herd.

How was the kid born?

If a goat is raised on a farm or domestically, it will almost always choose a sheltered, dry location to give birth. The first 24 hours of a child's life are critical to their survival. This means that mother goats must choose a safe, protected area to give their young the best chance of survival. Most female goats have about 2 babies per year, but twins and even triplets are also common. A dairy goat can have up to 6 babies at a time!

What is the name of the kid?

The kid is called a kid. Fun fact: Human children were called kids before they were called kids. They are also the only animals on Earth to have this title when they are babies. Talk about unique!

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